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Once Upon A Pancake

Once Upon A Pancake

Want to listen to the kids laughing and having fun? Once Upon A Pancake lets the kids write the story. Whether silly and funny, or a group project to get the imagination going. Once Upon A Pancake lets the kids create a book full of fun pictures to color and draw, stories that need completing, and just a silly fun project for the kids to learn to like to write stories.

Once Upon A Pancake

Work on Once Upon A Pancake as a family as you giggle and laugh to all the different ways the stories are written. All in a paperback book that you can keep for when the kids get older and laugh again.

Above is an example of the stories they get to finish.  They can write it to practice writing or you can write it so you can fit more and let their imagination run wild.

Kids love comics and they will love the ones in Once Upon A Pancake cause they get to finish them.

Spark your child’s creativity with these unfinished stories. Grab some pens, pick a story inside and take turns to come up with what happens next!

Their For Younger Storytellers book is for children ages 6–8 (or so) and their parents, grandparents or teachers. Grown-ups help with much of the reading and writing down, to keep to story going and the creativity flowing. They also have books for 3 – 5 and 9 – 12 year olds.

When you’re done, you’ll have a unique keepsake filled with your kids’ creativity.

  • 20 stories we write together, in a variety of styles
  • Beautiful color illustrations
  • A fun way for children to develop their reading, writing and storytelling abilities
  • Superheroes, friendships, magic, and more!
  • 8.5 inches wide x 11 inches high
  • Paperback, 56 pages, thick pages to write and draw on
  • A keepsake filled with your kids’ imaginations

Rick Benger is the creator of Once upon a Pancake, a series of interactive books with unfinished stories inside. He occasionally writes stories all by himself—a selection of them can be found at rickbenger.com, where you’ll also find his newsletter about being a new dad.

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  1. This is such a cool idea, my kids would love doing this! This is such a great way for them to use their imagination, and what a good memory maker!

  2. This is so cute!! Maybe I could actually get my boys involved with this because it’s fun but also productive! Love it!

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