Open Doors Healthier and Safer

Open Doors Safer

Open Doors Healthier and Safer

We all need to open doors and now we think about how to do it without taking a chance of getting sick.  Now The Sage Owl has a new products called the Healthy Key that helps us open doors healthier and safer.  I know their are a lot of different handles but this can help you with most of them in public places.

Stay Germ-Free with the HEALTHY KEY. Avoid getting viruses on your hands with this clean key door opener.

One annoyance of the current situation is the CONSTANT USE OF HAND CLEANER. Every surface that you touch requires you to clean your hands. Hand cleaner is expensive, so the cost of staying healthy can be high. Remove that expense with the Healthy Key. It touches the dirty surfaces so your hands don’t. This is a very affordable alternative.

You probably don’t think about the dozens of germ-covered surfaces you touch every day.

Germ-Laden Surfaces:

► Push / Pull Door Handles
► Sliding Door Handle
► Beer Cooler Door
► ATM Buttons / Touchscreen
► Gas Pump Buttons / Touchscreen
► Shopping Cart Handle
► Grocery Store Credit Card Machine
► Elevator Call Button / Floor Buttons
► Restroom Door Handle
► Toilet Seat
► Toilet Flush Knob / Button
► Sink Handles
► Drawer Handles
► Coffee Dispensers
► The list goes on and on…

Attach one Healthy Key to your keychain so it is always available. Use the second one when you need both hands (such as pushing a shopping cart). Avoid touching dirty surfaces – Doors (Push, Pull, Sliding, Cooler), Buttons (ATM, Elevator, Gas Pump, CC Reader), Shopping Carts, even certain Touchscreens!

You may be wondering if you need to clean The Healthy Key after each use.

Copper and its alloys (brass and bronze) exhibit what scientists call the oligodynamic effect – that means that germs cannot live on the surface of the metal. The copper ions in the metal destroy a wide range of microorganisms that threaten public health.

The Healthy Key is 70% copper by weight so any germs on the surface don’t stand a chance.

Note: Some touchscreens are heat sensitive. The Healthy Key will not work on heat-sensitive touch screens.


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  1. This is a must need for my family and I. I find myself using my sleeve to touch objects, open doors, or pressing elevator buttons outside of my home. I appreciate such a simple yet innovative and handy product like this one!

  2. I never knew something like this existed! This is a simple useful product that can easily be carried on our person. I like the keychain idea. My keys are usually on me. I also learned something new from your article about the oligodynamic effect! Copper is a pretty clean metal YEAH! I went to purchase this on Amazon. It is unavailable for purchase 😢 I pinned this. This would make a thoughtful shower or game gift 💝 Thank you for sharing!

  3. We can use The Healthy Key! Can’t believe no one came up with this sooner! Thanks for sharing!

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