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OUIJA – Have Fun With A Classic!

Whether you call it Wee-Gee or Wee-Ja, the Classic Ouija board spells fun. Just ask it a question and wait to see what answer the Mystifying Oracle will reveal to you. Includes a sturdy wood Ouija board featuring original graphics and plastic message indicator.

Plastic game unit with Pop-O-Matic die roller, 16 Playing Pegs (4 Yellow, 4 Green, 4 Blue, 4 Red), and English and Spanish Instructions.


  • Ask it questions and the fun begins
  • Original graphics
  • Sturdy wood construction

Fun to do with a group of friends.  Just like the real thing I had when I was a young girl.  Great for a Halloween party!

The board itself is wood, not folded cardboard as one would come to expect at a price this low. The craftsmanship and painting are both top-notch; even the most fastidious of dimension-skirting, ectoplasmic beings will be impressed.
You may be able to use your iPhone to call in sick to work, even though you’re at the mall shopping with your friends…you can use your Galaxy-S to check your Facebook wall while you’re in line at the movies. However, if you want to get a direct line to the realm inhabited by those who have gone before, you absolutely need one of these tools!







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  1. Ah yes – the Ouija board. I have distinct memories of playing this game during sleepovers. Years later, I threw the game away because I did not want to tempt fate (or anything else). Scared-y cat? Yup! lol

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