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Outdoor Activities For Now and The Next Seasons @ZURUToys

Outdoor Activities For Now and The Next Seasons

Outdoor Activities For Now and The Next Seasons

We all need to get some outside activities to keep us busy, especially now.  We can help our kids with some new, affordable, outdoor toys that are fun!  Get them playing outdoors, and getting some sunshine, around the house.

ZURU is keeping kids busy and active by occupying their minds and time during these challenging times! Toys are definitely having a resurgence, and saving families across America. As we all overcome this together, ZURU sees the silver lining and is encouraging families to partake in backyard-style bonding activities by using their outdoor, award-winning products. 

Crazy Bunch O Balloons Water The original and best-selling water balloons let’s one fill and tie 100 balloons in 60 seconds now come with a spark of color! Each Bunch O Balloons stem will come with a completely new mix of multi-colored balloons. PS, In addition, all ZURU Bunch O Balloons TM products in the USA are fully recyclable through ZURU’s TerraCycle Recycling program. Ages 3+, SRP $6.99. Available at Amazon

X-Shot Micro Fast-Fill and X-Shot Epic Fast-Fill Up your game with ZURU’s X-Shot dart and water blasters, the world’s number two brand in the category and winner of multiple toy awards including a finalist for this year’s Toy of the Year Outdoor Toy. The 2020 Spring line expands ZURU’s innovative Fast-Fill approach and Technology and brings new colors and real-to-life-size blaster fun to both the Micro Fast-Fill and Epic Fast-Fill. 

Micro Fast Fill At nearly six-inches long, the newly-sized MICRO revolver-style water blaster can be refilled with one hand in just one second! Simply pull the hammer down, dunk, fill and blast. It is the perfect back-up blaster in water fights anywhere. Ages 3+, SRP $10.99. Available at Amazon .

Epic Fast Fill At nearly 21-inches long, the newly sized Epic Fast-Fill is the must-have water blaster for any kind of water fight, anywhere. Holding up to 1250 ml – more than 5 cups of water! – the Epic also fills in one-second and comes with a robust pump-action feature that enables kids to blast up to nearly 34 feet. In addition, four different nozzles allow one to blast four different ways. Ages 3+, SRP $19.99. Available at Amazon .

Keep the outdoor activities going – get out there and get wet with your kids.  The kids would love doing more outdoor activities if you are involved also.

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  1. I have heard of ZURU toys before. I bought the water balloons 🎈 for my grandkids! I know they are crazy about water guns. This is one of my grandkids favorite outside activities! If I would let them, they would play in the house and my house would be soak and wet! Shared on Pinterest. Thank you for sharing!!

  2. These sound like some great items for our children for some outdoor fun. My grandchildren would love these. Thank you so much for sharing. God Bless and stay safe

  3. These would be a big hit. A good water balloon fight in the backyard might be nice right now. Kids still need to go outside even if it’s just in their own yard.

  4. We definitely could use this while self-isolating to keep the grandkids from getting bored and let them be active outside! Thanks for the review and for sharing!

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