OwlCrate Jr Is Something For The Kids

OwlCrate Jr

OwlCrate Jr Is Something For The Kids

Tweens are so hard to find the perfect gift until now. OwlCrate Jr is great for kids 8 – 12 years old.  Above is the box I received and it was full of goodies.  You want the kids to love to read and OwlCrate Jr will help do this.  They get a lot of things in here to encourage reading while still having fun.  With this monthly box the kids will be reading whenever they have time.

These are the smaller things in the OwlCrate Jr subscription box.  Giving them simple things to read and get better at reading.

I love how they have a journal in here.  This The You Are Awesome Journal will help them build confidence and let them track some of the things they have accomplished. There is always 2 books in the box and one of them has activities and fun things for the kids to do.

This is the main book we received this month.  This is not a simple paperback book.  It is a hardcover book the kids can add to their collection and read to you. Included in these boxes is a middle grade hardcover novel plus an exclusive letter and signed bookplate from the author. They find books they are sure the kids will love and be interested in.

There is always a fun activity in the box and these gel pens will encourage them to write in their journal.  OwlCrate Jr. has a theme they follow each month and each book and activity follows the specific theme.

This time we even got a special tea.  A lot of adults like reading and drinking tea so they can have something special just for them when they are reading.  This gives them good habits to start and continue into adulthood.

This is another fun thing in the box.  Desiree loved this so I know younger kids will too.  They will love getting this box to see all the fun activities and surprises they get each month.

OwlCrate Jr.- Spark a lifetime love of reading with OwlCrate Jr.’s monthly subscription box for kids ages 8-12. What’s really cool about OwlCrate is that subscribers get more than just a book—they get a whole themed experience including 4-6 goodies, a hardcover book, at least one usable item or activity to encourage creativity, imagination and exploration, plus an exclusive letter from the author and a collectible monthly sticker. Each monthly box is curated for kids of all genders and the books are published within 45 days of ship date. The books are either standalone stories or the first in a new series. Past themes included Code Breakers, Bump in the Night, Rebels & Rulebreakers and more! Available for one-time box, three or six month subscriptions. More information: www.owlcratejr.com.



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  1. I am learning a few things about subscription boxes and crates. Finding things for tweens that will please them is really hard! It has to be cool and in with the cool kids. Since most of the kids have to stay in anyway, these may be just what these kids need. I haven’t met a kid yet that doesn’t like to read. What’s really awesome about these crates is they are always different, but always fun! This would make great gifts. I shared on Pinterest and more.
    Thank you for sharing!

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