Oxy-Iso Colorblind Correction Medical Eyewear

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Oxy-Iso Colorblind Correction Medical Eyewear

Invented and patented by scientists from Princeton and Caltech, O2Amp eyewear corrects and dramatically enhances retinal color perception. — What does that mean? Wearing these lenses means gaining a competitive edge in careers and activities where vibrant color vision is crucial to correct diagnosis. Our customers include surgeons, EMTs, pediatricians, pilots, artists, electricians, meat inspectors, vintners, chefs, decorators, sharpshooters, golfers, boaters, botanists, bikers, and even professional poker players. Even genetically colorblind customers love these lenses (see testimonials at o2amp dot com). For them it means passing the Ishihara test with confidence, and eliminating occupational barriers. Many even report actually experiencing red for the very first time in their lives (see video at o2amp dot com).

The Oxy-Iso was designed to amplify perception of the oxygenation signal coming from the blood under the skin, and is also used by color normal medical personnel for vein finding and assessment of health. It aids color deficiency because color vision actually evolved to see these oxygenation signals from skin, to sense blushes, blanches, etc.

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  • Corrects red-green color blindness
  • Amplifies perception of oxygenation of blood under the skin, allowing better perception of veins, erythema, and other states
  • Based on fundamental discoveries by Caltech and Princeton scientists on the origins of color vision
  • UV protection. Anti-fog and anti-scratch coatings
  • Lightweight. Fully adjustable, comfort frames

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My husband is colorblind and he put these on and was surprised by what colors he could see differently than he has ever seen before.  This is really such a great gift for someone who sees life in shades of gray.   While the Oxy-Iso glasses don’t magically give him all the colors of the rainbow they do help create a new visual palette that contain more information about the reds and greens of the world than he will now normally be able to see.  Walking around outside, he is able to notice color differences that he has never seen before.

These glasses work well to help distinguish where one object ends and other begins. Sometimes people who are colorblind are unable to see a change of color next to another color, and these truly separate colors.


I do not know all the technical terms but I know he was happy to try them and continues to wear them to see if them will help his eyes even more.

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I received these to give my honest opinion.


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  1. I have a friend who is color blind, I know he has something like these and he is so happy because of the glasses.

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