Ozeri Brezza Oscillating 10″ High Velocity Desk Fan

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Ozeri Brezza Oscillating 10″ High Velocity Desk Fan

I have told you before about my hot flashes and my hubby being on blood thinner that makes him cold all the time.  It can be tough but this Ozeri Brezza Oscillating 10″ High Velocity Desk Fan is awesome and perfect for my situation.  I set this right on my printer, that is on my desk, and in front of the window.  I have it blowing right on me and it feels so good.

Ozeri Brezza Ozeri Brezza

This is the back and front.  It seems to be built well and should last me a long time!  It really helps keep me from melting in the summer!!

Ozeri Brezza

I love how the controls are set up.  Just one switch controls everything.  On the left is straight at me, turn it right and I can share, which I do not normally do (haha).  Plus 3 different speeds on both.  I normally just use it on 1, I am not big at having it blow in my face but with the first level it does not bother me at all.

Ozeri Brezza

The fan can be moved all the way to blow on the ceiling, if you want it to.  I truly love this Ozeri Brezza fan and it is just the right size for me, not too big not too small.  It also is light so easy to move anyplace I want it.

The Ozeri Brezza’s oscillating feature liberates you from having to move or turn the fan to change the airflow direction. With the push of button on the easy access front control panel, the Ozeri Brezza 10″ Desk Fan provides automatic 90 degree oscillation for maximum air circulation that ensures the cooling airflow is evenly distributed to reduce hot spots.

The Brezza can also be adjusted up to 90 degrees on its vertical axis to customize upward air flow. The 3 speeds allow you to choose between a cool breeze, refreshing wind, or a more powerful stream of air. The Ozeri Brezza 10″ Desk Fan ships fully assembled with a convenient carrying handle, and plugs into any standard 120V AC outlet for plug and play use.

  • Front-controls provide easy-access to choose between oscillation mode for maximum air circulation or non-oscillation mode for directed airflow.
  • Aerodynamically designed for the lowest dB noise rating while providing air circulation at 3 different speeds.
  • Adjustable front pivots up to 90 degrees upwards and locks in place for precisely directed airflow.
  • Boasts a sophisticated and stylish space-saving design that complements and enhances room decor. Ships assembled. Satisfaction Guaranteed.


I received this product to give my honest opinion.


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  1. This is a personal fan that I could use myself. I think I will be using it a lot in the winter to direct the heat better.

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