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Pass The Pigs Pig Party
How’s your tolerance for puns? You’ll need some for Pass The Pigs Pig Party, a simple game of chance built around a pig theme. Instead of dice, you roll two cute pink piglets and you gain or lose points depending on how the critters land. For example, if both land on all fours, called a “double trotter,” you get 20 points, if they land lying opposite each other, called a “Pig Out,” you gain no points and cede your turn. There are a number of other rules as well as a variation called “Hog Call.”

Pass The Pigs Pig Party Pass The Pigs Pig Party

Now up to 4 players can play ALL at once – WITH HOT NEW COLORED PIGS! Four pairs of Pigs are included. It’s Pass The Pigs and MORE! More pigs, more points and more fun!.

Pass The Pigs Pig Party

  • Now up to 4 players can play all at once
  • You’ll need some for Pass the Pigs
  • Includes carrying case
  • Contains 4 pairs of pigs (8 pigs) and illustrated instructions
  • More pigs, more points, more fun

Pass The Pigs Pig Party is educational as well as different combos/positions yield different points and you need to add the two scores up each time.

If you have never played this game, you are missing one of life’s simple pleasures. It’s one my whole family loves. The dice are pigs and depending on how they land is how the points get built. Very fun for all ages, and not complicated. You can start a game without a big explanation.

Pass The Pigs Pig Party

If you haven’t tried this game you need to!  Basically you roll the pigs and get point values, if the pigs touch you lose your points, if they land on opposite sides you lose all your points for that turn. Very basic, but very fun and easy to turn into an adult game.  It’s great for family settings as well as for just a friends get together. Learn the rules and then make up some of your own.







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