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Pass The Pigs

Winning Moves Games Pass The Pigs Game


Pass the Pigs – Its’ fun, addictive and requires strategy, skill, and luck. Basically a dice game, with pigs that are weighted and have different values depending on how they land. Each turn involves one player throwing two model pigs, each has a dot on one side. The player gains or loses points based on the way the pigs land. Each turn lasts until the player throwing either rolls the pigs in a way that wipes out their current score, wipes out their total game score, or decides to stop their turn, add their turn score to their total score and pass the pigs to the next player. There are several variations to the game rules. One is the Hog Call, where a player attempts to guess the score their opponent is about to land. After scoring 20 points a non-throwing player may attempt a Hog Call. The non-throwing player must scream ‘sooee’! before the opposing players throw. The caller then guesses the score of the next throw. If correct, the caller receives the points thrown, and the thrower loses double the points thrown. Only one player may hog call per throw.

Pass The Pigs Pass The Pigs

Winning Moves Games is a great place to find fun family friendly games for all ages.  Pass The Pigs game is another one of those great games.

Pass The Pigs Pass The Pigs

I have to say these little pigs are so cute I cannot stand it!  The pigs are made of a bouncy material. They have to be bouncy to get the positions of the pigs for points.

Pass The Pigs Pass The Pigs




Everything fits inside this container so this is also a great game when you are traveling.  This game is made for two players or more.

Pass The Pigs Pass The Pigs

These 2 little pigs will keep you entertained all day long. This Pass the Pigs classic party game consists of 2 pigs you use as dice, pad, 2 pencils and carrying case. Roll them as many times as you dare on your turn to score points. Just don’t role a “pig out” or an “oinker”. First person to 100 points wins. Makes an ideal travel game with its small plastic carrying case. Imported.;;How’s your tolerance for puns? You’ll need some for Pass the Pigs, a simple game of chance built around a pig theme. Instead of dice, you roll two cute pink piglets, and you gain or lose points depending on how the critters land. For example, if both land on all fours, called a “double trotter,” you get 20 points, if they land lying opposite each other, called a “Pig Out,” you gain no points and cede your turn. There are a number of other rules as well as a variation called “Hog Call.” This would be a good travel game (the pigs, instructions, and scoring pad fit in a small, tidy box) or a fine present for someone who’s, well, into pigs!







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  1. This looks like such a cute game, I love the pigs! My kids would love playing this, I definitely need to get it for them. Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. Now is a great time to get out the board games and have family fun together. The kids spend so much time on electronics, but it is a priority that I get us all in the same room for entertainment and fun. This game sounds like it is full of anticipation and fun!

  3. (Winning Moves Games Pass The Pigs Game @WinningMovesUSA) They have some of the best games to play with your family for family game night. Our family plays many of these games here in our home.

  4. Such a cute and fun little game. I love this because it’s something even the smaller kiddos can participate in.

  5. I think Pass The Pigs is a good game to bring on a trip because of the convenient case that all the pieces fit into.

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