PeachSkinSheets – The Softness Is Amazing! @PeachSkinSheets


PeachSkinSheets – The Softness Is Amazing!

I am so happy to get another chance to tell you about PeachSkinSheets.  These sheets are really awesome!  So soft with gorgeous colors.  I have not used my callus remover lately and I can really tell when I climb into bed with regular sheets.  With these sheets my feet do not feel like they are snagging the sheet, they feel like my feet are soft.

These are the only sheets that I know when I climb into bed.  These are honestly the best sheets money can buy!  You know the feeling after being gone on vacation and you finally are ready for bed, you climb in and know that you are home!  That relaxing, wonderful feeling of we had a great vacation but it is so nice to be in my own bed.  That is the feeling I get when I climb in bed with the PeachSkinSheets on.  I sleep so much better too!


PeachSkinSheets really know how to treat their customers.  The package arrives all wrapped up like a special gift would be.  Sometimes it is just the small details that let you know how special the company is.


These sheets come in 15 colors, that many would match almost anything.  I love the deep pockets on these, it keeps the sheet where it is supposed to be.  You can use this on mattresses up to 22 inches deep, so if you have a pillow top, or maybe some extra top on your mattress, these are what you need.  Have you ever had sheets that come off in the middle of the night, talk about ruining a night’s sleep!  These have a special anti-slip finish so they do not come fall off.


If you read my last review you know I hate making my bed.  I have done it everyday my entire life but I still hate it.  I do get hubby’s help once in a while, which makes it a little easier.  I just have never done a good job so it gets covered up under the comforter, LOL.

The pillow cases that come with this are huge, 20 x 40 inches.  I could almost fit a body, ok not really but they are big.  So if you have long, big pillows, you are ready to go with this set.


I have so many hot flashes, and hubby is always cold.  PeachSkinSheets keep me a lot cooler so I sleep better.  My husband stays warm so it works perfectly for us.  These sheets have Body Temperature and Moisture Management Properties.  They also have Athletic Grade Performance Fabric that wicks away moisture rather than absorbing it like cotton.  All I know is they help me sleep better.

These are made with material that the dryer takes the wrinkles out.  Plus they dry quickly, about 15 minutes, on medium in the dryer.  The colors do not fade and the whites stay white, no yellowing or dingy looking sheets.  Don’t forget they are stain resistant, nobody wants sheets that look bad.

These sheets are hypoallergenic which is great for allergies and skin problem. They are Anti-Microbial to prevent dust and pollen from adhering to fabric.

They have a great program where you can get a free swatch of these sheets so you can feel how soft they are.  Sign up on this page today to get yours.

They also have 2 colors each month on special, see this month’s colors HERE.

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I received this product to give my honest opinion!

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  1. I just love soft sheets. It is great that these are wrinkle free. I can’t wait to try them. Thank you so much for sharing

  2. I have been trying to win a set of these sheets for quite awhile. All of the colors are amazing and the comfort has to be out of this world.

  3. I have always wanted to try these sheets but I never had the extra money to spend on them. I think they would be awesome!

  4. I’m entering the giveaway for these sheets. I purchased microfiber sheets one time because I heard how soft they are. I was disappointed because the sheet felt so thin. The 1500 thread count on PeachSkin sheets should eliminate that concern.

  5. I lie the sign “Menopause Lane” I need one of those! If I can’t have that, I would loved to have the peach skin sheets. They look heavenly!

  6. I would love to get a set of these. I’ve heard nothing but good reviews about them. I love all the different colors that they have too With my free swatch I got to feel how soft they are.

  7. The fact that these sheets help with me being warm and my husband being cold at night will be a great help. I also am sensitive to texture and the softness of these sheets will be a great help as well.

  8. Wow, These sheets sound Amazingly Outstanding and So very Comfortable. I Absolutely must try these out, because whichever type of sheets that I use on my bed, are like one of the most important things to me. It can make or break how my entire sleeping and following day goes, depending on whether or not they were comfortable or not, or if they made me sweat, and so on. But, the review for these sheets, sound like these sheets would be a huge hit for me. I’m very Intrigued by this review, thanks for leaving it.

    1. When I change my sheets to another brand I hate them and take them off the minute the PeachSkinSheets get washed. My feet have calluses and they do not snag on these sheets, any others it drives me crazy. Thanks for stopping by.

  9. Great review!! I have been reading about these sheets for some time now and every time it makes me want to order some even more! They just look and sound so comfortable. I hope I can win some because right now we just can’t afford them. But when I save up enough money, I am going to get me some. Thank you!

  10. I would love to have a set of these. I LOVE the swatches I received so I know the sheets will be wonderful.

  11. Thanks for reviewing these, they sound really good. My wife has been wanting a pair for a long time.

  12. These look and sound so amazing! I not wait to someday try my own! I would choose the Graphite Grey color 🙂
    Thank you so much for the great giveaway!
    Good luck everyone ??

  13. So many great features about these sheets. Deep pockets, keeps you cool, so many colors and hypoallergenic. Thanks for the review.

  14. Good sheets are one of those things that people don’t think about often and settle on what’s cheap and available. Getting to try out good sheets would be nice!

  15. I Have been wanting a pair of these forever. They sound awesome for hot sleepers. Thanks for your honest review.

  16. I need these. I have had hot flashes for several years. And now the doctors removed my thyroids and I am hot all the time. I would love to try these to see if thy would help.

  17. These really do look amazingly soft! I love that they have such a great selection of colors. I can’t wait to receive my free swatch to feel them in person. I am in serious need of some new sheets and I think these are the ones!

  18. The incredible softness of PeachSkinSheets is so wonderful! I love the generous fit and color selection as well. These are the only sheets on my bed!

  19. I will come make your bed daily. I love making beds. I worked in a hospital and had to changes sheets many, many times a day. I prided myself in getting a snug, tight, perfect looking make. Anywho, I would love to try these sheets out. With that name like Peach Skin Sheets, I can only imagine the softness they impart.

  20. I have been wondering how these sheets are and if they are as good as they say. The fact that they are supposed to be so soft and the wrinkles come out easily, makes me want to get a set, or win one. Thanks!

  21. OmG I have been trying to win a set of these for over 2years. Maybe this will be the year. LOL

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