Pens and Pencils For All Year

Pens and Pencils For All Year

If your house is like mine you are always looking for pens and pencils.  Sometimes to draw or color and others to write reports or do homework. Scribble stuff and USA Titanium pencils take care of both.  Never be without again by just picking up a pack at the store. With back to school coming soon we all need to update our supplies and these 2 companies have top quality products that can be used for a long time.

Scribble Stuff sent me these fun scented gel pens.  The ink flows perfectly across the page.  I love the large variety of colors that look beautiful and show up on the page the same way.  The scents are a fun way to relax when you are doing something fun.

This super pack of 30 colorful and scented gel pens are inspired by the beauty found in the colors of nature! Each gel pen pack comes with three themed scents: Blooming florals with rose petals, citrus harvest with lemon zest and sea breeze with coconut oils. Scribble Stuff gel pens includes a soft comfort grip and handy clip so you can easily access it from your notebook or backpack. Create a whole bouquet of scents with these super popular scented pens! Key Features: 30 unique colors Smooth-writing scented gel-ink pens Wonderful whiffs of scent as you write Soft, comfort grips Handy clips for easy access Great for standard note taking, doodling and creative projects Box storage keeps it all organized

These are the variety of USA Titanium wood pencils.  They are #2 lead which is important at school. These at perfect for school and I really like them because they come already sharpened.  No need to look for the pencil sharpener when you need a new pencil.

  • Premium No. 2 pencils are made of American wood and feature latex-free erasers for clean erasing
  • Ideal for home, work and school
  • Wooden barrels come in classic yellow and are made of genuine American cedar
  • Pre-sharpened, USA Gold Pencils also feature No. 2 HB that is easy to sharpen.

Buy these pens and pencils where school supplies are sold.


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  1. These are so good for my daughter’s doodling and art and crafts.They are so much more bolder in color than markers. My daughter enjoy sharing hers with her siblings, because of the fun scents.

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