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Pet Magasin Cat Cave

We do not currently own a cat, but I have in the past.  They can be picky about where they choose to lay down.  If it isn’t soft enough or have the perfect feel, that no one really know what is, they will not like it.  With this Pet Magasin Cat Cave your cat will love it.  You can use it 4 different ways so they won’t get bored.  It is so soft I want to use it!!

Pet Magasin Cat Cave

Cat’s tastes and preferences are always changing. Their favorite food of today may not be worth even a sniff tomorrow. And when it comes to their favorite place to sleep and hang out, most cats like to change things up there, too. Sometimes they want a place where they can curl up tight, other times they want to stretch out flat. Sometimes they want to be out in the open, other times they want to hide out of sight.

With the Pet Magasin Cat Cave, you can accommodate all these different kitty-preferences. As the name suggests, the Cat Cave can be used as a cave that a cat can hide in (maybe playing “ambush” with another cat or with your feet when you walk by). And it can also be used as a flat-bed, or set up on either end and used as a cozy circular curling-up bed.

And for softness and comfort, even the most finicky cat will have nothing but love for this bed. The synthetic fur and microfiber fabric outer layers covering fleece and foam stuffing make the Cat Cave as comfortable as can be.

Pet Magasin Cat Cave

This arrives all bundled up.  This bed features a faux-fur lining and trim, a combination of fleece and foam padding, and a microfiber outer shell. All the softest materials to make your cat happy.

Pet Magasin Cat Cave

This blanket came in the package, it is so soft also.  The puppies love the blanket and the bed.

Pet Magasin Cat Cave Pet Magasin Cat Cave

I really love that this is so soft.  With changing the way it sits the cats will never get bored.  I will be using this for Misty because she loves soft things also.

Pet Magasin Cat Cave Pet Magasin Cat Cave

The puppies go to their new home tomorrow and I wanted at least one to check out this bed.  This is Mozart and no matter where I laid him he just sat there and enjoyed the softness.

Pet Magasin Cat Cave

I love how comfy he looks, like I said he loves the softness and laid there a long time.  If I tried to get pictures of him doing anything else, he would not have sat there like he did.  The way this puppy loves it I know any cat will too!

Pet Magasin is a small company that specializes in quality and affordability when it comes to products for your pets. They know that you love your pets, they bring endless joy, and they are truly a part of your family. With these facts in mind, they are committed to bringing you the best possible pet products at a quality you can beat, for the prices you can afford.

All of their products are backed by a two-year money back guarantee. You can securely shop with Pet Magasin with 100% confidence.

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  1. Our cat Cosmo would love this! He loves soft blankets and this looks soft. He also likes crawling in to paper sacks. LOL

  2. Our cat, Ziva, is the strangest cat I have ever had as a pet, but that’s a story for another day. We got her about 5 years ago from a friend who I worked with. At that time we had another cat who was 20 years old. The kitten drove KeeKee crazy. They eventually got along with each other and even slept together. They both loved boxes and soft places to sleep. Unfortunately, our precious KeeKee died 3 years ago and we all miss her so much. Ziva seems to still have a problem sleeping alone, so she usually sleeps right up beside my son or beside me. Sometimes she finds a box or a drawer my son has left partially open and squeezes in there to sleep. From your review and the photographs, I know Ziva would love this bed and would love it in all 4 of the available positions. Thanks for your fabulous review and good luck to all of the entrants in the giveaway!

  3. Sylvie would LOVE this. She’s on a flat but fuzzy little bed on my bed right now, but would love this luscious one. Thanks for the chance. 🙂

  4. I really love that this product can be used in four different ways. I have three rescued cats. My old girl wouldn’t be interested in this, but the other two would love it. I’ve noticed that they are really attracted to new beds – at first, but they sometimes get bored with something that’s always the same. I could use this in different ways to keep their interest in it up!

  5. This looks so fuzzy and comfy!! I love that you can use if four ways for your furry friends!! Now they just need to make one for humans lol!!

  6. Awwww! This is so awesome! But, I’d need 3 of them because my 2 cats and dog would be fighting over it! Ha!

  7. My cat loves climbing in boxes so I’m sure he would love being inside one of these. I think he likes being surrounded by something.

  8. i bought one of these for my cats and neither of them will get inside. They do like laying on top of it though.

  9. My cats would be in cat heaven if they had this pet-magasin-cat-cave thingie. I’d have to have 3 or 4 of them so everyone was happy with their own. Yes, they are spoiled & being rescue babies, they deserve it! This pet magasin just looks so soft, warm, & inviting I know where I would find my furbabies ~ they’d be snoozing all afternoon in these!

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