Pet Treater Back To School

Pet Treater Back To School

Pet Treater Back To School

I received my Pet Treater Back To School subscription box today and I couldn’t wait to share it.  This box is so full of goodies for my dogs I can’t believe they could fit it all.  This box has no fillers it is just products all the way through it.  My dogs will love this month’s Pet Treater Back To School box! This has toys and treats. The treats are all made in the U.S and Canada.

Pet Treater Back To School

See what I mean this is full of a couple of toys, a variety of treats, and even something for your pet to drink with you – must admit did not expect that one! This is such a great box I absolutely love it!

This is a nice scarf if you put them on your dog. Desiree used it to decorate her room.

This is the BT’s Bake Shop Peanut Butter Crunch. They are hand rolled, hand cut, and hand decorated biscuits for my dogs. They love peanut butter so this should be one they really like.

Ball Park Biscuits are included. This is another Peanut Butter dog treats that my dog will think they are in heaven.

This is the Slide ‘N Snacks. You can close the teeth on the end, slide a snack around it then the teeth will open back up to keep the treat in place. I currently have a 5 week old puppy here, until it goes to it’s new forever home, and he chews on everything. His teeth are coming in. This toy is perfect for him to be able to bite down on and it won’t hurt his gums. It is a soft but firm material that makes it perfect for a chewing puppy.

Dogs love the taste of beer why not give them treats made with the taste of beer. Beer City Dog Biscuits is a non-profit company located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, dedicated to crafting delicious and nutritious dog treats. Beyond their product, their core mission is to empower the disabled through the creation of our dog biscuits.

Flossy Eater is made for fish loving dogs.  This is a great topper or treat for your pet.

Outback Jack Water Buffalo Lung.  These are 100% natural treats for dogs.  The buffalo are free range, grass-fed, raised antibiotic and hormone free, gluten and grain free.  These are thick chunks of dehydrated meat.

This is the puppy’s new favorite toy. I set it out and he attacks it.  It is the right size for the little chewer to chew on his arm. Light enough for his little body to shake this and attack it.  This is call Stick Figures dog toys.

This says on the bottle you and you dog can have a drink at the same time. I think it means this is for the dog.  This is from Dog Pawrognon Pet Winery.

See what a great variety I received in this Pet Treater Back To School Box, I am amazed. Each pack is filled with 5-8 hand-selected items. Featuring a variety of super fun toys, mostly USA & Canada made treats, & Extra Goodies!

Reasons to join Pet Treater:

  • First pack ships immediately, and filled with the most popular fan favorites!
  • Every shipment leaves the warehouse around the 10th of each month!
  • You can count on the value being MUCH greater than the monthly cost!
  • They will tailor each pack to your dog’s size!
  • Cancelling is easy, and you can do it anytime!
  • Customer support team is always available to you via live chat, phone & email!

Your pet deserves a treat now and then! Treat them without having to run to the store. Get their treats in the mail and something new each month! Plus this is very affordable you might be surprised!






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  1. these include dog treats a drink for them and a scarf to put on the dog and a toy or two so neat i know my shitzus and cat wold love these

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