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Philips Battery Pack

This Philips Battery Pack is amazing with 2 USB-A Ports, 2.4A, and is 10000mAh.  I was always running on empty on my phone until I started using this, now my phone is always charged.  Don’t get stuck without a charge — extend the life of your devices with an ultra-slim Philips 10000mAh Battery Pack.

When outlets aren’t an option, the Philips Battery Pack is compact, portable battery pack is the perfect charging solution no matter where you go. Featuring two standard USB-charging ports for charging multiple devices simultaneously, the battery pack is essential for keeping phones, tablets and other electronic devices charged in an emergency or while you’re on‑the‑go. With high-quality rechargeable lithium batteries and included protection against overheating, this Philips battery pack is built for safety. Additionally, the battery pack includes an indicator light to confirm charging status at the push of a button. Wherever you are, the Philips battery pack is an energy source you can count on.



  • Portable Power: Not close to a wall or car charger? No problem. This battery pack works anywhere, making it a great option for times when you are not near a power source
  • 5x More Power: With 10000mAh, this battery is more than 5x larger than your standard iPhone 8 battery, which ensures you have plenty of power when you need it
  • Multi Device Charging: With two USB ports at 2.4AMP, you can charge two devices simultaneously
  • Ultra Thin Design: Sleek, ultra slim design
  • Built for Safety: This battery pack includes over temperature/voltage/current protection and includes a power indicator light to confirm charging status at the push of a button

This Philips Battery Pack is great for high school, college students, business people, and moms being the taxi.  This would make a great gift for anyone that needs to have power available at anytime.  This would make a great birthday gift, holiday gift, or anytime gift.

I really love how light this is. The lights come on when something is plugged in.  This is only 3/8 inch thick.  It is about the size of my samsung phone.  This is easy to carry since the weight is not much more than my phone.

With 2 ports you can charge 2 differents things at the same time.

This is a very nice charger with plenty of power.  This is great for collage students, professional people, and moms that always need to have a working phone!

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  1. This sounds like a great product and I like that it’s not so big and bulky so you can carry it around easier if needed.

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