Photowall Has Everything You Need For Your Walls! #Photowall @SMGurusNetwork

This is a sponsored post.  I received this product to give my honest opinion and to share with my followers.


Photowall Has Everything You Need For Your Walls!

Photowall makes wall murals or wall paper, and canvas prints that are amazing!  Get a canvas print of one of their unique pictures, of a picture you took or have, family, and more.  They have over 3,000 motifs from a variety of designers, so there is something for everyone and the designs are dazzling.


They are a Swedish company with a passion for design and quality. Their wall murals and canvas prints are environmentally friendly, fire-retardant in accordance with Swedish standards and do not fade in sunlight. All their motifs are selected with care.

Photowall has a 100% guarantee and ships free in the US in 2 – 3 days.

I was talking about this company with my husband and told him they told me to pick anything on their site.  I told him about how nice their products sounded and we decided (maybe I should say he wanted) one of their canvas prints of deer.  I found the perfect picture right on their site.  We planned on putting this above our television so this was going to be a large print.

They have everything you need in the kits for hanging, so we thought we can handle that.  So let me show you below how that went.  The ordering process was amazingly simple and I could crop the image to the size I want, since I did not want a square picture we took advantage of that.  I truly am impressed at how easy this was to check out with Photowall.


This is what we had in the place we wanted the picture to hang.

When the box arrive it was long but not very wide and it was just a regular cardboard box, but I knew exactly what it was.


We laid everything out and got out the directions.  I shouldn’t say we, Ed, hubby’s son, did this for me, so Thanks Ed!  You can see in the background of the picture the kit for putting this together and hanging.


We noticed the corners right away, cut this way to fold around the wood for the wrapped around feature.  Pretty smart huh!  They really do a nice job with this job, they make it a lot easier than I could have imagined.


We were able to even get Desiree’s help.  Some steps just take an extra set of hands.  Here they are laying the wood in place for folding.  Each strip of wood has a special tape on them, peel and stick, to keep them in place.


I can honestly say the only problem we had was this step when folding everything and the last corner which needs to be pulled and the final connector put on.  It may have been us but you do need some strength for this part.  But it only makes sense because you want the picture tight on the frame.


So this is the result.  It is so awesome.  My husband loved his choice of picture.


Ok, the final result, what do you think?  Remember Photowall for your next canvas print or wall paper for great choices at reasonable prices.

Stop by and check them out!





I received this print to give my honest opinion.


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  1. Thanks for the review. You answered the couple of questions that I wondered about. I am definitely putting this on my Christmas list. I already know the one I will pick-and that seems like the hardest part. They have some really amazing designs to choose from.

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