Photowall Has Great Choices For Anyone


Photowall Has Great Choices For Anyone

I received this beautiful map on canvas from Photowall. They have so many choices for canvas, wall art, and posters. You can choose from 1 of their beautiful images or use one of your own. They have a lot of images to choose from each in different categories such as nature, animals, art & design, and many many more. Photowall is the place to look for wall decor for a new home or to transform your home. Plus they offer fast, free delivery!

This came in a square box and I had to put the frame together and on the canvas.  They include easy-to-follow directions and it only took about 10 minutes, from laying it out to finished product.  This is a very high quality canvas and does not tear.  This will last me for years to come.

Just to give you an example of all the great choices Photowall has I want to tell you about some examples.  Under the category Nature you then can sort by Mountainous, Floral Hysterica, Botanix, forest & woodlands, plants and flowers, landscapes and scenic, and even more. Under each of these categories are a lot of choices. You can then sort it by another category if you have an idea of what you are looking for.  I originally was looking at an eagle print and was able to find my way down to just 3 pages of choices instead of an overwhelming amount of images.

You can design your own wallpaper with Photowall.  They have lots of choices or if you are more brave than me, design your own! Classic forms, modern colors and hand-painted patterns. With their wallpaper, you can transform every room in your home no matter what your style. They have selected motifs from top international designers and illustrators to adorn the walls of your home. All of their wallpaper is printed on top-quality material precisely to your measurements and delivered to you in an environmentally friendly cardboard box. Wallpaper Paste Included.

Adorning your walls with art is easy when there are thousands of motifs in so many shapes and sizes. It’s even easier when the canvas print is made precisely to your measurements on an environmentally friendly canvas. All you need to do is find your favorite motif, choose the size and then decide how you want the edge of the canvas to look.

Hobsyllwin - Poster

Creative and stylish poster design for your living room, colorful artworks for the hallway, or a refreshing image for your bedroom. Photowall has a wide range of poster designs that will surely stimulate your senses and can definitely set the mood in every room. They have tons of high-quality posters that can easily be hung on the walls of your rooms. Pick your most loved poster design and see how it completely makes your home welcoming and interesting.

At their wall mural factory they strive to minimize their environmental impact, and their environmental approach permeates everything they do. All production is to order, which means they only produce the quantity of products required, none are held in stock or discarded unnecessarily. The printing ink they use for our wallpapers contains no solvents or hazardous chemicals, and is biodegradable. Waste material from their processes is recycled.

Every purchase at Photowall supports their work with Vi Agroforestry, a Swedish development cooperation organization. Together with Vi Agroforestry, Photowall plants around 5000 trees every year in the area surrounding Lake Victoria in East Africa.

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  1. I would absolutely love this!! Such pretty choices and I love that it’s super easy and quick to put together! Awesome review!

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