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Pickup Sports Flag Football

Pickup Sports Flag Football

Pickup Sports Flag Football

Want to get the kids outside and active.  Pickup Sports has the answer. I received the Flag Football kit from Pickup Sports and it is really cool.  This has everything the kids need to play for hours.  This is perfect for kids age 3 – 6.  No one gets tackled and Mom and Dad can keep score. Teach them a fun game and get them running and having a blast!

Introduce your kids to multiple sports at home in a non-pressured, fun and affordable way. When kids learn from their parents/caregivers they are more likely to have fun, want to keep playing and more likely to stick with it and stay physically active. Starter boxes include age-appropriate equipment, access to weekly live virtual coaching with parent-child games, and expert-created curriculum based on years of research. Available sports include basketball, flag football, soccer, tennis, baseball & softball, and volleyball. Best part—for every box purchased, the company donates one to kids with limited access. More information: https://pickupsports.co/. Also, available on Amazon.

This includes everything needed.  Things like cones, flag belts, the ball of course, and it even includes instructions. I forget some of the rules of different games for kids and this way everyone is on the same page. Teach your kids how to play the game the right way and they will understand it when it comes time to join a team, if they choose to. These are all their size this is not the size of a regular football for example. This makes it easier for little hands to catch and throw. This is a soft ball so if someone gets hit with the ball they won’t get hurt.

For 6 months you will receive one box to start playing either Basketball, Tennis, Soccer, Flag Football, Baseball/Softball or Volleyball. They will know how to play better than anyone in the neighborhood or classroom. Teach them so they are never left out of sports again.

Pickup Sports is a sports starter kit just for kids! Their goal is to provide busy families with an exciting sports curriculum and quality equipment that will encourage young kids to sample multiple sports, improve their skills, become fans and learn to love all exercise.

Get the kids outside and active with Pickup Sports.

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  1. I absolutely love this!! I have been trying for a long time to get my boys interested in sports. I think they would really enjoy it if they would give sports a chance!

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