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Planet Buddies IPad Pillow

Planet Buddies IPad Pillow

Planet Buddies IPad Pillow

If your kids or you for that matter, have an iPad then you should get this Planet Buddies IPad Pillow.  It is the easy way to hold your iPad and still have easy access to it. The Planet Buddies IPad Pillow is super cute and set your iPad securely so you don’t have to constantly hold it. This will hold any tablet or even a phone.

I put my phone on here and it sits securely.  If someone is moving around it I don’t have to worry about it falling off and breaking.  Planet Buddies IPad Pillow is perfect for the kid’s tech items because they are constantly moving and this will stay where they put it.  The one I received has turtles on it and is a bright green.  It is fun and decorated for the kids.

They offer other colors and animals like a penguin, owl, and a whale.

View your screen in comfort with the Planet Buddies tablet bean bag cushion stand which helps to improve your child’s posture, reducing neck and upper back strain. The cushion stand allows you to adjust your tablet from landscape to portrait modes without the need to detach and reattach to a rigid stand. The tablet cushion stand offers comfort and keeps your device within touching distance so you can click and scroll with ease.

Designed to be ultra-lightweight, the tablet stand is the perfect travel accessory for optimum viewing everywhere you go. The cushion stand also features two discreet and convenient pockets for storing small items such as your smartphone or charger.

Printed in vibrant colours and adorned with Planet Buddies characters, the tablet cushion stand features soft, high-quality fabric made from 100% polyester and is easy to wipe clean.

This makes a great gift anytime of the year!  Kids will love this.


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  1. This is really cool, and very useful as well! My kids have tablets that don’t have stands, so we are always making our own out of rolled up towels or stuffed animals. They could definitely use one of these, they are adorable too!

  2. It reminds me of a little bean bag to cradle in nice and snug. I can see how it can keep things centered and less likely to get tipped or bumped off./out of.

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