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Playful PANDAS The Kids Are Gonna Love These

Playful PANDAS

Playful PANDAS The Kids Are Gonna Love These

Betty seen this and could not wait to play with this.  She has this Playful PANDAS playing music in seconds. She played with this all night it was so cute. This is so soft on the outside and reminds me of the old weebles that wobble so this can be tapped and it will look like it is enjoying the music.

Betty sat this Playful PANDAS up with some of her other dolls and played for hours.  She had the house trashed so I did not want to show it in pictures. This one is Sweetie. She has an adorable bow in her hair. He eyes are unique while being very cute. This is well made and should last her a long time. The battery compartment is hidden so no one is going to mess with the batteries while playing with this.

Watching Sweetie laugh, wiggle, and roll is so fun. Betty laughed and really enjoyed this. If you collect it friends Fashionista, Foodie, and Slumber they will sing together. I have one but I will be getting more of these they are really funny and I haven’t heard Betty laugh this hard in a long time without being tickled.

These will be available at Target this month so just in time for the holidays. This is perfect for birthdays or just because but a great surprise for a holiday gift. They are ready to play with out of the box so pick up a couple and you will hear the kids laughing at the next family holiday party. They won’t get bored with these Playful PANDAS from Far Out Toys.

Touch her belly and she will laugh and roll. Touch her nose and she will sing, talk, laugh, and wiggle. Press on the button under her hair and you can sing to her for up to 60 seconds, the panda will now sing back to you in panda language. Your panda can also lead other pandas to sing in harmony.  Plus they can teach the other pandas how to sing the song you taught them. Then you can teach your group of pandas to sing your song all together. Younger children will need to be shown all of these tricks but once they see it once they will be having even more fun with this.

Remember to watch out for these at Target.


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