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Playstories Personalized Books A Great Gift

Playstories Personalized Book

Playstories Personalized Books A Great Gift

I am so impressed with Playstories Personalized Books because you can make your child into a character in one of many books.  You can make them look like your child whether they have brown hair, blue eyes, glasses or even in a wheelchair.  They include most children in the options. Playstories Personalized Books has so many choices of books from birthday book to fun stories.

You put your child’s name in here no matter how it is spelled. You write a dedication so this book can be cherished for generations. Make the character look like them with curly hair or they have dark skin. I really like all the choices you get.

I received a hardcover book that will help protect it for years to come.  The one I chose has her name right on the front. Playstories Personalized Books’ stories were specially created to prepare your little one for the real world. They teach your child lessons in each one. These books are created by experts.

The kids will love these books more than any other book they own. They can see themselves in the story and watch as they are shown on each of the pages. They are the main character so it shows their name all through the book.

They create personalized books that transform children into protagonists in order to develop self-identity and spark interest in reading. Technology is their ally to offer an experience as unique as each of our little readers. They are inspired by children’s imagination and freedom while creating books where anything is possible. After all, the greatest power of these stories is to show that there are no limits to what a child can achieve

Books provide special family moments and encourage a positive relationship with reading from an early age. Both are extremely important during childhood.

These books make great gifts throughout the year. A unique birthday gift, a fun gift at the holidays, or just because to encourage love of reading.

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