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Pop Freak Card Game

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Pop Freak Game

Pop Freak Card Game

Smith Street Gifts has this really cute game named Pop Freak Card Game. This game can be played by different ages and everyone will get questions  right. Pop Freak Card is a game that people guess who you are talking about. You explain as much as you can without saying their name and the more they guess right, the better.

Cards are divided into four categories: movies, TV, celebs and random. Players may draw E.T., Game of Thrones, The Spice Girls, Catfishing, Tom Hanks, 30 Rock or hundreds of other pop-cultural references. With movies, films and stars that span the generations, this is the perfect game to play with friends or the whole family.

You can play Pop Freak! with as many people as you can find. Divide yourselves into teams then randomly pull out about 40 cards (more for a longer game; fewer for a quick one) – but no peeking! Set the cards in a pile in the middle. This is the playing deck.

Each game has three rounds. Teams take 60 second turns to collect as many cards as they can by correctly guessing exactly what’s written on each of them. One person in the team does the talking (or not talking) to the rest of the team, who do the guessing.

pop freak

For every correct guess, your team gets to keep the card. A round is over when there are no cards left in the playing deck. Tally the scores and shuffle all the cards back together for the next round. The winning team is the one who has accumulated the highest score over the three rounds.

Smith Street Books is an independent publishing company based in Melbourne, Australia, but with a reach across the book-loving world.

They make vibrant, quirky, hilarious – and sometimes serious – books. Books with an eye for illustration, photography and design. Books that inspire.




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  1. This sounds like a super fun family game! I would definitely love to play this with mine on family game night. Thanks for sharing, this will make a great stocking stuffer.

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