Power Rangers Dino Charge: Rise Coming on DVD 9/27 #Lionsgate

Exciting new movie coming out on DVD soon!  Are you ready for some Power Rangers Dino Charge: Rise?

Power Rangers Dino Charge: Rise Coming on DVD 9/27Power Rangers Dino Charge: Rise Coming on DVD 9/27

Street Date: 9/27/16

DVD SRP: $14.98Power Rangers Dino Charge: Rise Coming on DVD 9/27



Saban’s Powers Rangers embark on all-new adventures in Power Rangers Dino Charge: Rise, arriving on DVD (plus Digital HD) September 27 from Lionsgate. In the spooktacular Halloween edition, the Power Rangers must overcome their differences and work together to defend the Earth from evil using their dino-charged powers. Top-rated in its time period with kids 2-11, Power Rangers Dino Charge: Rise will surely keep its devoted fan base on the edge of their seats when it arrives on DVD for the suggested retail price of $14.98.


The Power Rangers rise and take action-adventure to the next level as Tyler and Ivan put their differences aside to defuse a bomb; Chase races to free his friends from an underground tomb; Prince Phillip learns that he can’t buy his way into the Power Rangers; and Riley and Koda restore the team’s broken bonds of friendship in these dynamic, thrill-filled adventures.

Do you a little one (or big kid) that loves the Power Ranger series?  Who will you want to get the Power Rangers Dino Charge: Rise DVD for?


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