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Power Treads Full Throttle

Power Treads Full Throttle

This Power Treads Full Throttle is a fun and exciting toy for all kids. The boys will love this but the girls will too. Power Treads™ are all-surface vehicles that flip, rip and roam all over your home! They will build their Power Treads in a snap, then create your own custom course using the Power Treads modular track set.

Track pieces are interchangeable and they can place them closer together for more control or expand them out for more challenging routes. Level up by adding household items for your Power Treads to power over, under and through. The bigger the scale, the more epic the trail! Add obstacles using found objects to create cool stunts and challenges. Then power up your Power Trekker to get over and around without knocking stuff down.


The kids can even add glow-in-the-dark stickers for challenging races in super dark spaces. With 1000+ courses, you can build any trail at unlimited scale! The Power Treads Full Throttle Pack comes complete with 1 Power Treads all-surface vehicle, 1 Power Treads, 1 Power Trekker, 22 treads, a 14-piece modular track set, 2 performance boosters, and a glow-in-the-dark sticker sheet. Includes 40+ pieces! Additional, more expansive packs available and sold separately in the fall. For ages 5 and up Available Now at Amazon, Walmart, Target and Kohls stores everywhere.

This is easy to assemble and the kids can have hours of fun. This has simple instructions to follow so kids as young as 5 can put this together and get playing in minutes. I love that the kids can make this track in different ways so they won’t get bored with this toy for a long time. The vehicle trends can work on lots of surfaces so they can use this with or without the track.



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