Precision Metal Art Makes Awesome Pieces You Will Love!

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Precision Metal Art

Precision Metal Art Makes Awesome Pieces You Will Love!

I have been wanting a sign for the front porch but I wanted one that will last a long time.  With this Artwork from Precision Metal Art this will last for years to come.  This is made from metal so I know that it will be around for future generations.  Precision Metal Art makes a lot of great designs. I love this eagle and they have other designs to choose from.

This one is painted and shows all things with the United States. Since these are made in the U.S. you know they are the best quality.  This is made from a heavy gauged steal and already has the 2 holes in it for easy hanging. Plus they are affordable with something of great quality. (The wood sign above is not included)

This design incorporates vivid depictions of the majestic animal both in its natural habitat and with a backdrop of the beginning portion of this country’s founding documents.

Precision Metal Art is proud to take their metal sculptures and innovative applications of sheet metal to the next level. They have enhanced their metal art with beautiful imagery with state-of-the-art printing processes that can marry our fine metal work with stunning photography. Like in this patriotic piece here.

Precision Metal Art has signs for everyone.  Check out some of my favorites below.


This is their Split Letter Monogram.  This is really nice to hang on the house, fence, or even in the house.  They have a lot of monogram pieces to choose from.

Show the love of your dog with this Dog Breed Address Sign. They have several breeds to choose from. This would be hard to miss and last through any storm.

Flying American Eagle / No Banner

Here is another favorite. Their Flying American Eagle. This one you can get with or without a banner below it. You can choose from several different sizes for this.

Don’t need a sign, what about a personalized Fire Pit Ring. This one is my favorite but they have a lot to choose from. Up your back yard game with this customizable fire pit. Personalize it and put in your family name or the name of your farm/ranch. This pit is 3 feet in diameter and stands 15 inches tall in a raw, unpolished steel finish. Once you burn a few bonfires in this it is going to gain a nice, rich patina.

Stop by to see everything they sell.  Top quality that you can be confident in knowing it will last for years! Save 10% by visiting their website HERE.



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  1. Precision metal signs and the personalized fire pit is awesome! What a great way to get high quality things to have on or in your home. I love that eagle!

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