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Pretty Pretty Princess Perfect For A Little Girl @winningmovesusa

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Pretty Pretty Princess

Pretty Pretty Princess Perfect For A Little Girl

Pretty Pretty Princess has all the things a little girl loves.  Let her dress up with lots of jewelry to become a little princess.

Pretty Pretty Princess is a delightful dress-up game for kids. Each player spins the spinner to see who moves first, and then play continues clockwise. On each turn players spin the spinner to advance around the gameboard while attempting to collect a complete set of jewelry by landing on spaces associated with each piece. The game ends when one player has a complete set of jewelry in their chosen color, plus the crown.

Pretty Pretty Princess does not require reading or complex counting skills, and contains no electronics or mechanical components. The jewelry pieces are sized so that children of appropriate age can actually wear them as the game progresses, encouraging imaginative play.

  • No reading required
  • Cooperative play
  • Family game
  • Teaches children to play together and at the same time have fun
  • Game is based on the original game from 1990’s
  • Play dress with your friends as you race to gather your set of fancy jewelry
  • Become a princess in this jewelry dress up game
  • It only take 20-25 minutes to play.

Pretty Pretty Princess was invented in 1989 by Elizabeth Pacza, a designer at Chicago-based content creator Meyer/Glass Design, Ltd. The game was released in 1990 by Western Publishing. Hasbro acquired the game in 1994 as part of its purchase of the games unit of Western Publishing. Hasbro marketed the game for many years under the Milton Bradley brand.

In 2018 Winning Moves Games USA licensed the property from Hasbro and is currently the sole publisher of this classic game.


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  1. This is an adorable game my 2 granddaughters will love. I will definitely be getting them this for Christmas. My daughter had a game similar to this when she was small. Thanks for posting this.

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