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Protect Your Pets Paws With Walkee Paws @walkeepaws

Walkee Paws

Protect Your Pets Paws With Walkee Paws

Do your dogs comes in with mud all over their paws and part of their legs, like mine do?  They do this all the time!  I hate cleaning them up constantly, especially when we get a lot of rain.  Walkee Paws does a great job so I don’t have to work so hard.  I put these  on the dogs and when they come in from playing I take them off and clean the mud off of the Walkee Paws not the dogs.  These are amazing and help me from giving the dogs a bath, then the clean up! Plus the dogs do not mind they at all, that is what is most important to me.

These feature a over-the-back design that guarantees booties stay on. Water proof booties protects your dog’s paws from rain, snow, salt, hot pavement, allergens and harmful chemicals. I just rinse these off but they can go in the washer for easy clean up. These paws have a loose fit to not let them bother your dog.

When designing Walkee Paws, they did their best to create a product that’s effective, durable and comfy for your dog. We also needed to strike a balance between finding rubber that was fit for walks while also being thin enough for your dog to feel the ground for stability and security.

Over time, the natural rubber on Walkee Paws booties can wear down and develop small holes or tears. Long nails can also cause damage to the rubber or rough walking surfaces.

No worries, they can fix this and make them good as new with their rubber repair patches! The patch is easy to apply, helps reinforce weakened rubber and makes your Walkee Paws as good as new.  The best part? Your pup won’t feel the patch and it won’t change the appearance of the booties! On their website they have an “easy to use” repair instructions which should be attached to the rubber repair patches when shipped.

They have great designs and sizes to fit all dogs, including teacup dogs all the way to St Bernards. Find a design you like, scroll down and see what size you should get, including examples of dogs each size fits, so you know exactly what you need to order. These also have an adjustment that is on their back. This way you can tighten or loosen if your dog gains or loses weight.

They have other great products also like harnesses and leashes.  Stop by and see all their choices.








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  1. I already bought the gray thunder shirt. I used the code. I received 25% off of the price and free shipping. I hate to sound cheap, but the colored thunder shirts cost more. I was going to buy the hemp oil for anxiety. I decided against it for now. Rocky got his rabies shot yesterday and I don’t know if he is allergic or not. My husband’s cousin died and we took her dog. We couldn’t find papers or tags on him, so we are giving him the works. He’s getting groomed next week. We are still getting to know him. We know he is scared of storms and loud noises. I do like these Walkee Paws booties. Right now we’ve been wiping his paws 🐾 on an old towel. I shared on Pinterest and Facebook.

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