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PuroGamer Gaming Headset

The television can get so loud especially if the kids are yelling and having fun playing video games with it.  The PuroGamer Gaming Headset can help lower the volume and you don’t have to  worry about them turning it up wayyyy to far to get the full experience.

They still get the full experience with the PuroGamer Gaming Headset but the volume is controlled to protect their hearing.  Play with precise sounds without dialing the volume up to dangerous levels thanks to the Puro Balance Response Curve. It enhances sound quality at every volume without going above 85 dB. Paired with enhanced and efficient 50 mm graphene drivers, these headphones with microphone are the ones to beat:


 Focus only on the game since they block 75% of environmental noises.

● They support virtual surround sound, giving distance and depth to games that implement it.

● Control the volume right from the cable with the mic toggle switch.

Puro Sound Labs Omnidirectional Noise-Canceling Boom Microphone clearly captures your voice and filters out surrounding sounds, perfect for building lasting partnerships or telling off noobs with distinction.

● Move the mic to the optimal position thanks to its adjustable arm.

● Remove the mic when you don’t need it and replace it when you do.

No matter your device or gaming console, this headset works for you. It features a 3.5 mm jack and USB, so you can plug it into any device.

Your headset compatible with PC and Xbox One rests lightly on your head since it only weighs 13 oz. Even though it’s lightweight, its durable frame is made to last for years of play.

Big ears, small head? Not a problem! Extendable headband and over sized ear cups allow for a one size fits all headset.

  • CRYSTAL-CLEAR SOUNDS – Poorly designed gaming headphones diminish your experience and leave you at a disadvantage. Get immersed in the game and gain a competitive edge with clear noise thanks to PuroGamer, the next-level headset for gamers by Puro Sound Labs.
  • UNCOMPROMISING EAR PROTECTION – Don’t sacrifice hearing for a better KDR. Puro Sound Labs’ headphones for teens, kids, and adults provide unmatched hearing protection by limiting volumes above 85 dB while maintaining crisp, pure sound quality.
  • LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD – Whether you’re gaming with friends or crushing opponents, let them hear what you have to say, clearly. The adjustable gaming microphone isolates your voice by blocking ambient noise while picking up your speech from any direction.
  • COOL AND COMFORTABLE – Never put the game on pause due to discomfort. Puro Sound Labs’ gamer headphones keep you comfortable for hours thanks to the soft and breathable padded vegan leather that surrounds the ear cups and headband.
  • A WARRANTY THAT’S NOT A GAME – Achieve your gaming advantage with these volume-limiting headphones. With distinct sounds, a noise-canceling mic, and a 1-year warranty, you’re all set to emerge victorious, whether you prefer to play on PC, Mac, PS4, Xbox 1, iPad, or mobile phone.

These have really soft, comfortable earpads.  The microphone is detachable.  The right pictures shows the controls for the headphones.  Very easy to use.

Prices good through 1/1/20

Regularly $99.99 on Amazon and PuroSound.com
20% off at $79.99!
Regularly $49.99 on Amazon and PuroSound.com
20% Off at $39.99!
Regularly $79.99 on PuroSound.com and on Amazon
Over 37% off at $49.99!
Regularly $79.99 on PuroSound.com and on Amazon
25% off at $59.99!
PuroCalm Earmuffs:
Regularly $29.99 on PuroSound.com and on Amazon
40% off at $17.99!
Regularly $29.99 on PuroSound.com and on Amazon
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  1. These are amazing headphones! I love that they are so versatile, how you can take off the mouthpiece when needed. They also look very comfortable, which is a must for long time game play.

  2. These would be an awesome gift for any kid. I know my niece’s kids could use them. I could use them as well…gaming is one of the ways I relax

  3. My ears need all the protection they can get. After that George Clinton and P-Funk concert on New Year’s Eve, for three days everyone talking to me sounded like they were on helium.

  4. This head set looks and sounds fantastic!! I’ve been looking for a new one to get for my husband for Christmas. Gaming is his stress relief after a hard week at work.

  5. I like that this company is showing respect for ours & our kids hearing. They are so many loud noises these days our ears need protection.

  6. My grandson would love these for his gaming. I love how they protect the hearing. Great gift idea for kids and adults. Thank you so much for sharing

  7. I really like that this gaming headset controls the volume to protect the user’s hearing. I also like that the microphone is adjustable and can be removed when not in use. Thanks for another great product review.

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