Put Up A Swing Easy With Swing Tie

Put Up A Tire Swing Easy With Swing Tie

Put Up A Tire Swing Easy With Swing Tie

If you need to put up a swing than they only way to do it is with Swing Tie! All you do is wrap these around a tree or whatever you are attaching it to, tighten it down, and attach the swing.  Swing Tie is a pair of tough nylon straps that can hold weight up to 250 pounds.

Kids all need their own tree swing.  They can use this for years.  You need to know it will be secure for years to come.  With Swing Tie you will know they will be there until your kids are done using the swing. You can make it as long or as short as you need.  Shorten the strap as the kids get older.

Use these for a hammock and you will know it will support your weight.  Put a swing up on a beam on your porch.  No more worries about how long it takes, this is up and ready in minutes. With Swing Tie you can put up a swing in very little time and don’t have to bring out all the tools.  The fabric straps won’t harm trees or beams—even after years of use. These are great to put up your hammock when camping.

From the Owner

There’s nothing quite like having outdoor time with your family. Nice sun, good fun and not to mention, the kids getting to take out some energy running around. One problem that me and my friends saw however was with COVID parks and the outside world shut down, making it harder for our kids to get out and have proper outdoor activities. We had considered a playground for the backyard, but the issue with that is they are expensive, hard to set up and take up a lot of space. That is why we made the Swingtie. The Swingtie is a harness you wrap around a tree branch that allows you to hoist a swing or hammock to it. It is small and inexpensive, which allows you to save money and also give your child the outdoor fun they are craving. The harness holds up to 1,000 lbs of weight and we offer lifetime warranties on all purchases. We want to give back to the time lost in 2020 and make 2021 a fun year for us all!

Bio: Melissa South is an inventor, entrepreneur and above all else, a mom. Over the last 6 years her focus in creating children products that encourage outdoor play has commutated in revolutionizing the playground industry. Melissa has played an integral part in the growth of SwingTie as well as a multi-million dollar digital marketing firm which recently sold to a publicly traded company. Today, Melissa enjoys spending time outdoors at her urban farm with her husband, 2 children, 2 dogs, 3 miniature goats, 23 chickens and 100,000 honey bees.



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