Put Your Cell Where You Want It With CatTongue Cell Phone Grip @CatTongueGrips

CatTongue Cell Phone Grip

Put Your Cell Where You Want It With CatTongue Cell Phone Grip

The CatTongue Cell Phone Grip is just what we need so our phones don’t slip when we place it someplace.  Have you ever put your phone on your dash and it slips all the way down or just doesn’t stay where you can reach it.  Not anymore with CatTongue Cell Phone Grip.

Mobile phones & devices have slippery back sides! They often slip out of hands (and off tables, and off legs…you get the picture) and fall to the ground, ending up damaged.

Enter CatTongue Cell Phone Grip! After a year and a half of research, we have developed the perfect anti-slip solution for your mobile device (any device!) that can be used directly on your device or existing case. CatTongue Grips feel great in your hands and are functional and super durable – for everyday use and even durable enough for extreme athletes to use. As lovers of all things art, we wanted this product to include fun, feel-good artwork for a more personal touch. CatTongue Grips are recyclable, extremely durable and water proof! CatTongue Cell Phone Grip are available in over 50 different artworks so you can choose your style and show us how YOU CatTongue!

CatTongue Grips are an adhesive non-slip cell phone grip that can be applied to your phone or phone case to provide a layer of ‘GRIPTION’
in your everyday life: in the car, in your hand or on the go. CatTongue Grips will give you a new grip on life.

1. Easily Apply Your CatTongue Grip to Your Mobile Device or Device Case.
CatTongue Grips can be applied directly to your mobile device or case for the non-slip grip you need. We do not recommend CatTongue Grips for leather, suede or fabric cases.

2. Amazing Feel and Grip
CatTongue Grips not only have a sleek look but also have a great feel … they will not pick up any lint or debris, just promote a great grip wherever you go.3. Materials
Anti-slip, water resistant, recyclable mobile device gripping products for all ages!

4. Over 30 Designs Available to Fit Your Personal Style!
With so many designs to choose from, there is something for everyone!  Shop our complete assortment and find your fav!

5. Easily Removable
CatTongue Grips are easily peeled off of the surface that you’ve applied them to – rubbing alcohol can be used if any residue from the adhesive remains after it is removed.

6. 2 Sizes Available
The Kitty Cat fits the following phones:
iPhone 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / X / XS / XR / Samsung Galaxy S7 / S8 / S8 Plus / Note 8
Size: 2.25 inches (5.715 centimeters) wide / 4.0 inches (10.16 centimeters) tall

The Tom Cat fits the following phones:
iPhone 6 Plus / 7 Plus / 8 Plus / XS Max
Size: 2.5 inches (6.35 centimeters) wide / 5.0 inches (12.17 centimeters) tall

Good to Know: CatTongue Grips are easy to customize for any space – just trim with a scissor to the size needed.

They have a lot of styles to choose from.

Super easy to put on your phone, just peel and stick.

As you can see they have these for cell phones but also for laptop.

I put it on my husband’s phone.  It slips into his case without sticking and it easy to remove from the case.  When he takes it out to call someone and sets it on the dash it stay right where he set it so he can get to it when someone calls.

Missy Kelly, CatTongue Grips Founder

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