Putty King Fix Your Drywall A Lot Easier

Putty King

Putty King Fix Your Drywall A Lot Easier

Putty King is gonna be one of those tools all the guys will want.  Inexpensive but oh so handy! Everyone will say ‘why didn’t I think of that?’. Putty King makes it easy to repair holes in your drywall.  This tool has everything you need to make it look like a professional did the repair.

Putty King is the world’s first All-In-One drywall repair tool. Ditch all of your old and messy tools. Everything you need to patch up that hole in your wall is included in the this set. The unique putty release system is the only available with Putty King.

Their patent pending putty release system has never been easier to patch up your drywall holes. The release system pushes the putty out from the putty tube and brings it to the head of the trowel making it easy to apply to the drywall.

Putty King is the only all-in-one drywall repair tool that reduces mess while saving you time and money. Its unique putty release system allows you to easily fill in scratches , dents or holes around your home. Available on Amazon.

  • Includes: putty king device (1), paint sponge (1), sand paper(1), trowel (1), cleaning brush (1), putty tube (2)
  • Reusable device
  • Perfect for small at home DYI projects
  • Blade is made with durable plastic made to last
  • 80 grit Sandpaper, low grade paper for smoothing surfaces

Think about all the different tools and things you need to make small repairs to your drywall.  Things like Scraper, Paint, Tray, Liner, Roller, Sandpaper etc.  Plus the putty that you buy a big tube and the rest ends up wasted. Why have to drag all of this out, and put it away when you are done, when this tool will take care of all of it. Refill kits are only $9.99 right now.

Spring is the perfect time to go around your home fixing little dents and holes in the walls. But getting a palette knife, sandpaper, paintbrush and, of course, a tub of putty is such a hassle! Putty King is the all-in-one drywall repair solution that eliminates the need for special tools, reduces mess, and saves time and money! Its unique putty release system lets anyone easily fill in scratches, dents and holes around the house, apartment or dorm room. The ingenious gadget comes with a self-feeding trowel for applying and evening the putty out, a sanding pad for smoothing, and a paint sponge to finish the job. Each Putty King even includes the sandpaper, along with two tubes of putty!

Putty King






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