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Quaggle A New Balancing and Stacking Game


Quaggle A New Balancing and Stacking Game

It is so much fun to play games that involve everyone having a lot of fun and this game does not disappoint. Quaggle is a stacking, teetering, hanging, shifting, wobbling, unbalanced, balancing game that is a must have for friends and family game night! Take turns stacking the Quaggle pieces on the table top base. Each piece added can create a whole new shift of weight and balance, allowing for the sculpture to transform into something completely different. BEWARE, one wrong move could send it all crashing down!

This wooden toy is simple to play, tough to master, providing hours and hours of replay value especially due to the fact that you will never create two of the same structures. Quaggle is an adorable wooden balancing game for 1 to 12 players, All-natural wood pieces with bright, bold colors.

  • QUAGGLE is an exciting, fast paced and extremely addictive balancing game. Place, interlock or hook your piece and stack your way to the top. One wrong move could send the structure tumbling. May the steadiest hand win.
  • NEVER GETS BORING! Guaranteed not to collect dust in your closet. Hook it, lay it, interlock it, or hang it, place your piece by any way imaginable. Every structure is unique every game is different. Picture worthy every step of the way.
  • GAME PLAY: Take turns drawing cards and stack the piece shown, one by one the structure will grow until one person sends it all crashing down! Get the free Quaggle Timer App (iOS and Android) and unlock the full game’s potential. Exciting gameplay for up to 12 people.
  • IS THIS FOR ME? Basic requirements to play, heartbeat and at least one friend. Get out there and make some more!

Quaggle is a great looking game that mixes together friendly competition and brings people together. You want to win the game but at the same time build a big structure to see how crazy it can get. Draw a card and see what you have to place, whether its the “Slice”, “Porkchop”, “Mr. Woo” and many more including the 3 “Wildcards”. Rack up points for every piece you place and win bonus points! Don’t destroy the structure or you lose points.
This is the next big thing to hit the balancing/stacking industry, get your set today!

  • ALL NEW STACKING GAME: Quaggle is the first of its kind that mixes stacking and competition to a new level
  • PLACING BY: Stacking, Hooking, Placing, Interlocking the pieces to the structure
  • FAMILY FUN FOR EVERYONE: This is such a versatile game in that anywhere from 2 to 12 players can play – get everyone off their phones and join in on some fun!
  • EASY TO LEARN: Draw a card and see what Quaggle piece you need to place, now take your time and strategically stack it on the existing structure
  • AESTHETIC STRUCTURES: Build big colorful structures that go outwards or upwards; no 2 structures will ever be the same.
  • CONTENTS INCLUDE: 27 Solid wood Quaggle Pieces; 2 red base pieces, 25 play pieces, Rules and carry bag.


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  1. This game sounds like so much fun. I have never seen this before. Great for all ages. Great family night. Thank you so much for sharing this

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