QuietPoint Wireless Active Noise-Cancelling Headphones

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QuietPoint Wireless Active Noise-Cancelling Headphones

QuietPoint® Wireless Active Noise-Cancelling Headphones

This holiday season Audio-Technica’s ATH-ANC700BT QuietPoint over-ear wireless active noise-cancelling (ANC) headphones offer an unmatched combination of comfort, wireless convenience and improved ANC technology. The noise cancelling operates in a wider frequency range than typical ANC designs, yielding a major advancement in noise-cancelling performance and audio quality.

The ATH-ANC700BT (SRP: US$199.00) features a handy touch and swipe control system for answering calls and controlling music playback. It employs large 40 mm drivers for impactful sound and supports Bluetooth codecs including aptX® and AAC for improved wireless audio. The ATH-ANC700BT is Hi-Res Audio compatible (when connected with the included cable). It provides up to 25 hours of battery life and can also be used in wired mode. Available in a matte black finish, the ATH-ANC700BT comes with a pouch, USB charging cable and a 3.9-foot (1.2m) cable with a 3.5 mm jack.

    • QuietPoint® active noise-cancelling technology powered by a proprietary four-microphone multi-feedback system greatly reduces environmental noise
    • Bluetooth wireless technology with touch and swipe controls built into the earcup for answering/ending calls, controlling music & video playback and adjusting volume on connected devices
    • 40 mm drivers deliver high-fidelity audio reproduction
    • Included 1.2 m (3.9′) cable with 3.5 mm (1/8″) stereo mini-plug provides a wired connection for when wireless operation is prohibited (e.g., in airplanes or hospitals), when battery power is low, or when Hi-Res Audio is desired
    • Foldable design makes headphones ideal for travel
    • On a full charge, internal battery provides up to 25 hours of continuous use of Bluetooth wireless and noise-cancelling technology, and up to 1,000 hours on standby
  • Includes 30 cm (1′) USB charging cable and a protective pouch


2018 Holiday Gift Guide

This holiday season Audio-Technica makes giving the gift of great sound easy for music lovers and gaming enthusiasts. The AT-LP60SPBK-BT wireless turntable and speaker system lets listeners enjoy records with wireless convenience –Bluetooth® speaker included! Audio-Technica’s wireless QuietPoint® noise-cancelling over-ear ATH-ANC700BT, Solid Bass® ATH-CKS550XBT in-ear and Pure Digital Drive ATH-DSR5BT in-ear headphones all offer outstanding wireless sound in a choice of styles. For everyone into gaming (which means just about everyone these days), the ATH-PG1 and ATH-PDG1 closed- and open-back gaming headsets take game audio to the next level.

The new AT-LP60SPBK-BT wireless turntable and speaker system makes a perfect gift for anyone who wants to get started with vinyl listening – or rediscover their record collection. The AT-LP60SPBK-BT (SRP: US$199.00) comes with everything needed to listen to records including a fully automatic AT-LP60-BT turntable with pre-mounted Dual Moving Magnet™ high-quality cartridge plus a Bluetooth stereo rechargeable speaker and accessories.

The turntable provides 33-1/3 and 45RPM vinyl playback through the included speaker, which can be placed up to 30 feet away and even in another room. The turntable will also play records through other compatible Bluetooth wireless speakers, headphones and playback devices. The AT-LP60BT can also be used as a conventional wired turntable and has a built-in switchable phono preamp for compatibility with the widest range of audio systems.

The compact rechargeable speaker features two 1.75-inch full-range drivers and a passive radiator in an aluminum enclosure for clear, powerful sound with enhanced bass. The speaker has buttons for controlling music playback and a mic that allows making calls from a smartphone. It includes a stand, AUX audio jack and a card slot for playing music from a TF or microSD card.

in-ear headphones

For some listeners it’s all about the bass, and Audio-Technica’s Solid Bass ATH-CKS550XBT in-ear wireless headphones offer powerful low-frequency performance along with clear, detailed midrange and treble.

The ATH-CKS550XBT (SRP: US$119.00) features a comfortable ergonomic design and is equipped to answer calls and control music playback. Its NFC functionality allows easy pairing with other devices. Available in black/gold and white, the ATH-CKS550XBT employs a 9.8 mm Dual Magnetic Field Multiple-Transition driver and a special bass venting system for exceptional bass reproduction, and includes aptX sound-improvement technology. It comes with XS/S/M/L eartips, a USB charging cable, and a cable for use if the battery runs out.

wireless in-ear headphones

Is there a discerning listener on your holiday gift list? If so, they’ll be sure to appreciate the ATH-DSR5BT wireless in-ear headphones with Pure Digital Drive (SRP: US$399.00). This rave-reviewed, exclusive Audio-Technica technology keeps the audio signal completely digital from source to driver, using a dedicated chipset to eliminate the sonic degradation that can be caused in traditional D/A converters and amplifiers. The result is remarkably pure, detailed and natural wireless audio quality.

The ATH-DSR5BT supports aptX, aptX HD, AAC and other wireless formats up to 24-bit/48kHz signals in Bluetooth transmission. Its rechargeable battery provides approximately eight hours of continuous use (500 hours standby). For listeners who prefer over-ear headphones, Audio-Technica also offers its smartphone-compatible ATH-DSR9BT wireless model with Pure Digital Drive (SRP: US$549.00), which incorporates ultimate-performance features including large 45 mm True Motion Drivers, 4-core voice coils and other refinements for natural music reproduction with extraordinary resolution and dynamic impact.

Premium Gaming Headsets, video game headphones

Premium Gaming Headphone, video game headphones

Games are always popular holiday gifts – and the gaming experience just isn’t complete without clear and powerful sound. Audio-Technica’s high-performance ATH-PG1 closed-back and ATH-PDG1 open-back headphones deliver an immersive, richly detailed sonic environment. The ATH-PG1 and ATH-PDG1 (SRP: US$129.00 each) offer a host of gaming-centric features including a flexible gooseneck microphone with detachable cable, smartphone cable, extension cable and a lightweight comfort-fit design.

The headsets’ large-diameter drivers deliver intense sonic involvement with an expansive sound space that draws listeners completely into the playing field.

Read how Active Noise-cancelling Headphones work.

The ATH-ANC700BT QuietPoint® wireless over-ear headphones combine Audio-Technica’s proprietary active noise-cancelling technology with Bluetooth® wireless technology and convenient touch and swipe controls built into the earcup: Tap earcup to answer calls, play/pause music, and increase and decrease volume; swipe to skip to the next or previous music track. The headphones’ noise-cancelling functionality is driven by a four-microphone (two in each earcup) multi-feedback system for wide-range performance that greatly reduces environmental noise.

The ATH-ANC700BT headphones feature 40 mm drivers that not only supply amazing wireless audio reproduction, but are capable of 5 – 40,000 Hz high-resolution frequency response when used with the included 1.2 m (3.9′) standard audio cable with 3.5 mm (1/8″) stereo mini-plug. Memory-foam earpads (firm internal layer, soft outer layer) provide excellent sound isolation and amazing comfort, and the earcups fold in to make the headphones more compact and easy to transport.


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  1. These headphones sound awesome and they look super comfortable too! I really like that they are wireless, wires are always getting in my way and can make it hard to move around while wearing headphones. I could definitely use a pair of these.

  2. I do like that these headphones offer an unmatched combination of comfort, wireless convenience and improved ANC technology. This would be a perfect gift for my son.

  3. I loved this informative review. I would like to give a pair of these headphones to my husband. They sound great for travelling. He flies often.

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