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Quntis Computer Light

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Quntis Computer Light

Quntis Computer Light

I never have enough light when I am working on my computer. I know I am getting older but I just want a light that will brighten up the area. Quntis Computer Light gives me the lighting I want. I can see so much better and my eyes do not get tired. With the Quntis Computer Light I can make it dimmer or brighter as needed. This light is nice

The Quntis computer light bar has a unique asymmetrical optical design that illuminates only your desk and keyboard while ensuring no reflected glare on the screen. Thanks to its advanced eye protection system, our desk lamps for home office blocks blue light and optical radiation, effectively relieving eye fatigue to protect your eyes. It’s the ideal choice for students, painting designers, and business office workers.

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This would make a great gift for anyone that uses a computer a lot. It will make reading the screen a lot easier on your eyes.

New humanized design lets you control this office lamp by touching the switch. No more fumbling with a control cord! With a built-in ambient light sensor, our screen light bar intelligently adjusts the brightness to a comfortable level, according to the surrounding light throughout the day, keeping your eyes feeling comfortable. When in the dark, touch the auto-dimming key, monitor light will gradually reach its brightest level in 7-8 seconds.

Comes together very easily and you will be up and going in a matter of minutes.

Our office screen light lets you manually adjust the brightness and color temperature by long-pressing the stepless dimming key. Its 3000K-6500K stepless color temperature adjustment allows you to switch between cold light and warm light at will for a comfortable work environment all day. Ultra-high CRI95 LEDs help to show the actual color of the object perfectly. The memory function automatically remembers your last setting – no need to reset!

Monitor bar lamp can be powered by a computer, phone charger, or power bank. Our ingenious, scientifically designed fixing clip allows this task lamp stable mount on top of the computer, helping you save valuable desk space and creating a stylish workspace. Comes with two different thickness adjustment covers to fit the size of the monitor, our desk light bar is perfect for a 15-22” monitor with a thickness from 0.6″ to 1.4″.

This is a very sturdy light but is still lightweight so your computer will handle it just fine.

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  1. This sounds like a really nice computer light! I love that it helps relieve your eyes when at the computer for long periods of time. It gives a nice lighting as well.

  2. The Computer Light would be ideal for me, when I’m in need of light to adequately see words on the computer. I like subtle lighting when on my computer.

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