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Rapid Omnipress

Rapid Omnipress Stapler Every Office Needs This

Revolutionary full-strip stapler is equipped with the patented Omnipress technology. Whether used on your desk or in your hand, this stapler easily fastens up to 30 sheets of paper. SuperFlatClinch technology reduces the paper stack by 40 percent. Top-loading magazine provides a quick and easy way to reload the staples. Stapler uses Rapid Omnipress 30 staples.

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This Rapid Omnipress Stapler is a very solid stapler.  It staples pages like it is 1 page, and up to 30 at once.  This is so much better than any store-bought stapler I have ever owned.

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This is really easy to use and does not take much strength, because I have almost none in my hands and arms and I can use it.  It has a little weight so you know it is high quality but not so heavy it is hard to pick up.

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Press anywhere with less effort! Staple by pressing anywhere on the stapler body. Compared to other staplers, the ergonomic design also provides superior in-hand or desktop use.  It has flat staple folds, which means no catching on anything and papers stack more compactly.  As you can see you cannot staple something, for example, into a wall with this stapler.

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It has a long, wide non-slip base which also prevents it from sliding off a desk.  When I worked in an office we had the large, big handled stapler to keep larger amounts of sheets together.  It took some strength to use it, this Rapid Omnipress Stapler is a lot better and even looks better.

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It is also very quiet to use.  I have had no problems with it jamming and it is easy to load.  The top and the bottom meet directly straight-on, instead of in a scissors-like motion, this cuts down on most jams.

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Starter pack of Omnipress staples is included.  If you would like to see more Rapid products visit HERE.

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I received this product to give my honest opinion.

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