Refrigerator Door Lock

Fridge Door Lock

Refrigerator Door Lock

This Refrigerator Door Lock comes in handier than you think. We have a freezer on our back porch. It is full of meat, and would hate to lose it.  With this Refrigerator Door Lock we can keep it safe from someone that may want to take it, or even for kids that do not quite shut the freezer when they get things out.  This way we know it is always locked and safe.

This high-quality keyed refrigerator lock will protect your medicines, alcohol, or even your lunch from getting into the wrong hands; The steel plates have a scratch-proof powder coat finish with a vinyl coated aircraft cable for strength.

Unlike other cables that get in the way when unlocked, this Guardianite Lock is designed with a cable that swivels out of the way to avoid that aggravation. Simply turn the key to open the lock; The built-in lock allows you to open and close the lock with ease.


Strong enough to withstand situations from infant to adult….and pets too; Uses the strongest and most reliable 3M VHB tape available; When properly installed, the plates are PERMANENT and cannot be removed. (no need for replacement tape).

FULL ONE-YEAR 5-STAR GUARANTEE! That’s right, they stand behind these refrigerator locks; Refund or replacement for one full year, including your shipping costs, no questions asked.

When you install this you will need to wait 24 hours before using it to make for sure it secures correctly. After that it will work great.

This has so many uses around the house, in the garage, and at a campsite.  With this lock you can keep things safer in your home and this will make you feel safer.

This makes a great gift for housewarming, single people, families, and so many more. An all purpose lock that has numerous uses.  This is available on Amazon.

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