Rethink The Way You See Your Outlets


Rethink The Way You See Your Outlets With theOUTlet

Are you like me and never have enough outlets?  Well theOUTlet can make a difference for you too. With 4 regular plug-ins and 2 USB plug-ins it will take the place of have an extra outlet cord plugged in.  No more cords laying all over the place. theOUTlet can help areas in your home look much better.

Don’t need all the plugs then fold it in, when you do need them just slide the button to pop them back out.  I think I will get one for each of my outlets so I know I will not need anymore extension cords. theOUTlet makes it easier to have everything plugged in and even have extra that is used as needed.

This is what it looks like folded in.  The slide on the left is where you just move it and open up 2 more plug-ins and another USB plug-in.

Ever find yourself unplugging the coffee machine so you can plug in the toaster? Ever unplug your toaster so you can plug in your phone to charge? Why should you have to pick one or the other?

This is what it looks like when it is out.  Everyone is going to want these. If you don’t use the USB outlets then get the one without them, but personally I think everyone can use an extra USB outlet.

Sure extension cords and power strips can support a lot of plugs, but they create a new mess of their own with extra cords and that big brick sitting near your desk. Why not eliminate some of the mess and have extra receptacles right there in the wall when you need them?

You just need to take off the cover and replace the box.  It gives you easy to follow instructions. If you can install a standard outlet, you can install theOUTlet! With color coded connections and included screws, theOUTlet is an easy installation.

Designed to open in the direction that suits your needs. Installs vertically in a wall, horizontally on a baseboard, or along a backsplash.

Integrated (TR) shutters provide peace of mind and compliance with residential requirements (Check local code). No more plastic covers needed!

Twice the outlets, but not twice the wall space!


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  1. I too feel like I never have enough outlets or USB ports! Especially since just about everything nowadays uses USB ports! Even my picture frame that shows our family photos uses them. Our grandkids need them and electric outlets when they come over and visit.
    I think this is an amazing product that will make a great useful gift 🎁 Pin worthy, Facebook and Twitter sharing!

  2. I really like that we would not have to have a lot of cords laying all over the place while using theOUTlet. This sounds like a terrific and convenient product to have in my home!

  3. I love how the OUTlet lets you plug more things into a standard shaped outlet, so it doesn’t take up a lot of extra space.

  4. This would be great to take care of all the cords as long as the plugs will reach that far. It seems ours are too short to do work.

  5. This would be awesome to have! I think we could all use some extra plug ins these days. I know we have a lot of things that we are always charging. I love how easy they are to install too.

  6. This looks like a great product, and installation looks easy! Always wondered why they didn’t come out with this before! Thanks for the post!

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