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Return Ball – Soccer Ball

Return Ball – Soccer Ball

Want a simple toy that will keep you hooked for hours? Want to increase hand-eye coordination and mental focus? Want to help relieve some stress? Return Ball helps with virtually everything ball related and not only does it help, its supper addictive and very fun!

Strap the handle around your wrist using the wrist band. then just take the ball with the same hand your wrist band is on and throw it outwards, just get ready for it to come back and catch it! Don’t miss out on Return Ball!

The band affixes to your wrist with an adjustable fastener, all you need to do is throw the ball outwards with the same hand its attached. The 60″ elastic rubber band will shoot out and pop back once it’s reached its tension point. It will come back to you with similar speeds as you threw it at so be ready to catch! You will notice your hand eye coordination, focus and finesse will all improve greatly after just a little bit of playing!

If you ever feel stressed or like your going out in a million directions at once, then this is the perfect ball to play with to relieve all of that tension built up. What makes it even better is that you can play virtually anywhere including the office, school, home, work or anywhere else. What is also great is that you don’t need somebody to play with, it can be a 1 player game or 10 player game! Return Ball has such versatility for something so simple, try it out!

Return Ball not only helps your coordination immensely, not only does it get your mind off things and relieves any stress there may be but it also helps kids who are hyperactive with ADD or ADHD, this ball toss game can really help you zero in and focus on one thing, and all the while improving your coordination!

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