RitzPix Has Canvas Prints With An Easel



RitzPix Has Canvas Prints With An Easel

I love having pictures set on the tables next to a chair or couch.  They stand up and just look nice.  Now, thanks to RitzPix, you can get your image, picture on a canvas print with the easel back.

You can set up the pictures horizontally or vertically.  You still have the same choices as any canvas print but you can stand this one up.  It gives you so many more options to place the picture.

Print your photo on an easel back canvas, perfect for standing on your desk, mantel or shelf. Each canvas arrives ready to hang on the wall, or stand up. This versatile canvas makes a great gift for any one and can easily add color to your office. Looking to make some copies of your canvas photo? Print 5×7 photos and variety of other photo print options to share them with your family and friends!

My picture was dark to begin with but since my Dad has been gone for over 20 years I am very happy with how this looks!  I choose the white corners because my Mom’s head would have been folded and I really did not want that.  It is so nice to be able to set this up and put on my desk.  I found the perfect sized.

As you can see it is sturdy and will not fall over easily, since it has a slight lean backwards.  This is a thick canvas for a 5  x 7 inch print, but that also keeps it securely upright.

This can stand it either direction so it doesn’t matter which way your print goes.  The back is securely attached and should last a long time.  This easel is made from a thick type of cardboard.

This RitzPix canvas easel prints make great gift or to give your home a whole new look.  Don’t hang all your pictures, place them where you want them.  No new nail holes in the wall, just the perfect canvas print!

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  1. I like this a lot. And it would make a great present for new parents or grandparents as well as Christmas.

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