SANSI 60 Watts Equivalent LED Light Bulbs @SansiLED

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SANSI 60 Watts Equivalent LED Light Bulbs

The SANSI LED light bulb replaces your standard incandescent 60W light bulb at one TENTH of the energy consumption, reducing strain on both the environment and your wallet. And at 3 hours of use per day, a single SANSI bulb will last for about 22 years!  All SANSI bulbs are UL-Listed and to protect against electric shock, fire and other accidents. Day or night, you can rest easy with SANSI in your home, office or business.

  • 【SANSI Advantages】Produce high quality lights by our leading LED technology, and make healthy lifestyle for modern people.
  • 【Energy Efficient】 Only 8 Watts power consumption with 60 Watts halogen equivalent output
  • 【Effortless Install】Standard A15 bulb shape with E26 screw base; fits all major lighting appliances
  • 【Incredible Lifespan】 With an estimated lifespan of 25,000 hours (about 22 years with 3 hours/day of use), frequent bulb changes are a thing of the past
  • 【 Hassle Free Warranty】 Covered by 5-year warranty and lifetime technical support from SANSI

SANSI 60 Watts Equivalent LED Light Bulbs

Their bulb features a one-of-a-kind hollow design that’s precision-engineered and constructed with high-end ceramics in an optical PC injection mold. It’s built for superior heat management, with a cool 5000k lighting output.

SANSI 60 Watts Equivalent LED Light Bulbs

They turn off instantly, and on instantly.  These light bulbs give off the most natural light of anything I have ever tried. These are a lot heavier than normal lightbulbs.

SANSI 60 Watts Equivalent LED Light Bulbs

These are a little smaller than a non-LED light but they fit in the fixture just fine. I compared this side-by-side to a regular non LED light and this one was not as bright but was a very clean, nice and good amount of illumination. The build quality feels second to none.

SANSI 60 Watts Equivalent LED Light Bulbs

I’ve never seen an LED feel as though it was built like a tank until these. I’ve dealt with HEAVY LED’s before but these feel like they are made with longevity in mind.


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I received this product to give my honest opinion.

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