Satrell Beauty New Lip Gloss

Satrell Beauty New Lip Gloss

Satrell Beauty New Lip Gloss

The perfect lip gloss is hard to find.  The perfect shade is a whole other story.  Satrell Beauty New Lip Gloss takes care of both of these.  This lip gloss goes on thick and almost feel like a lipstick but still has that shiny look to it.  The colors, oh yeah Satrell Beauty New Lip Gloss comes in 18 different colors.  They are fun without being crazy colors.

The one Desiree has on is Sweet Cherries.  As you can see this color can go great with any skin tone.  I like it on myself and in the the picture of Desiree and the picture below of her friend the color looked great.  Their skin tone is totally different as Desiree is very pale her friend has a nice tan.

It doesn’t take much Satrell Beauty New Lip Gloss to cover.  I put some on the bottom and rubbed my lips together and it covered perfectly. It even smells like vanilla, no taste but the smell is amazing. This adds the perfect touch of color without being too much.  This container will last a long time since I only have to reapply a few times each day.  My lips will feel and look healthier when using their products.  This is the best lip gloss I have ever tried.

Satrell Beauty New Lip Glosses are Cruelty-Free, Paraben Free, and lead-free.


Long-lasting, non-sticky formula
Vitamin E for moisture
Ultra Shine
Pop of Color

Satrell’s collection of beauty products are cruelty free, vegan friendly, free from harsh chemicals, and compliments all skin tones.

Their mission is to create beauty products that are long lasting, moisturizing, and hydrating. They strive to offer their customers a selection of products that they are eager to acquire. Their vision is to become a household brand name by achieving longevity in the beauty industry.




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