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How to Save Money on Your House Design

How to Save Money on Your House Design

Do you want to upgrade the look of your home? You need to come up with innovative ideas that will make your home look awesome without burning a hole in your pocket. The good news is, there are many ways to cut the corners and still make your home look stylish and appealing.

The type of designing elements such as chairs, tables, sofa, curtains, etc. you choose has a great impact on your budget as well as how your home will look. Here are some interesting ways to save money on your house design.

Buy Second Hand Items

If you want to add some elements of a five-star hotel to your home décor, look for auctions that sell hotel accessories. Hotels often upgrade the interiors and auction the old accessories. This is a great chance for the homeowners to pick some good quality furniture and soft furnishings. Keep a check on all the auction houses that hold such auctions.

Redesign the Existing Layout

Believe it or not, you can create an entire new space just by moving the furniture. Try finding a new focal point. You can interchange furniture between different rooms to create a new look. If that is not an option, try re-upholstering furniture with updated coloured and styled materials. This can dramatically change the look. Refinishing furniture can also help to a great extent.

Use Accessories Cleverly

You can make the space look awesome by adding a few accessories to the existing elements. For instance, you can throw some colorful pillows or add area rugs to introduce more colors to the space. Get some fresh flowers from a reputed florist such as Flowers for Everyone and place them in a stylish flower vase that you just bought from a garage sale. You can also hang a Persian tapestry on the wall to create a focal point within the room. Using accessories is a great way to instantly upgrade the look of the interior space.

Change the Lighting

The lighting within your house has a great impact on how the space looks. So by upgrading the lighting positions and fixtures, you can change the way the room looks. Consider installing accent lighting to shine on a tapestry or artwork that you bought recently. You can also use simple up-lighting on house plants, colorful flowers and atrium areas in your home to make the space look more interesting.


Try Your Hand at Some Wall Painting

Painting the walls is another quick way to upgrade the house design. However, instead of just painting the walls with one colour, try your hand at some interesting artwork. Floral patterns, geometric shapes or abstract art looks great on accent walls. You can get many more ideas from home design magazines or from online house design resources.

So you see, you don’t always need to drain out your hard earned money when it comes to designing your house. With the above ideas, you can create a new look without going broke. Try them out and make your home look awesome.

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  1. These are such great suggestions. Decorating your home can be so expensive. An expense I usually cannot afford. Thank you so much for sharing this. God bless

  2. These are great tips for saving money when designing your home! Thank for sharing! 🙂 I like to shop at thrift stores/garage sales for unique furniture.

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