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Picture Keeper Connect

Save Your Photos With Picture Keeper Connect

Are your photos scattered across smartphones and other mobile devices? Have you lost precious memories because of computer crashes, or lost phones? Or are you simply running out of storage space on your devices? Picture Keeper Connect has the solution!  What a great gift to give to your loved one this Valentine’s Day.

Picture Keeper Connect
1. Plug Picture Keeper into USB Port.

2. Click “Start Backup”.

3. Finds and Saves your Photos.

For Facebook and Email simply click backup options and modify where to search by enabling Facebook and Email.

Compatible with iOS, Android™, Windows® & Mac® *

Initial backup saves all photos and skips duplicates, while future backups only save newly added files. When one fills up, just plug in another and it knows where the last one left off. Keep your photos protected!

This isn’t the cloud, it isn’t a hard drive, it isn’t just a flash drive. Picture Keeper is a solution. They embed the software onto their custom flash drives and make them available in multiple capacities. Picture Keeper gets you started protecting your photo files quickly. They offer a wide variety of drive sizes to fit whatever your photo needs may be.

Here’s what makes Picture Keeper great:

  • Initial backup finds all of your pictures. Just click “Start Backup”.
  • Future backups only save newly added pictures.
  • When one Picture Keeper fills up, the next one picks up where the last left off.
  • Free software updates included.
  • SKIPS DUPLICATES! Free Print out of every duplicate photo file location.

With Picture Keeper there is no software to install, no wires to connect, no complicated set-up, no passwords to remember. Just plug Picture Keeper into your computer and click ‘Start Backup’ to begin backing up your photos. Picture Keeper takes over from there, doing all the work for you!

Picture Keeper Connect is a dual purpose backup device. It has all the same features as our legacy Picture Keeper. Picture Keeper Connect can also be used to make a backup of your photos and videos from your mobile devices.

The PK Connect drive and app are compatible with most modern Apple and Android phones and tablets.  Check this list of compatible devices. (Not all devices are listed).

This little box is all you will need to keep your pictures safe from now on.  I was so impressed with how easy this was to use, I truly think anyone can use this.

They thought of everything.  They even included a converter for different types of phones so no worries about it not working with your phone.  Just plug it in and you are ready.  Click start backup, seriously it is that easy.  Amazing something this easy took this long for someone to make.  Picture Keeper Connect is a Keeper and I really hope they continue to make our lives easier with other products!

This makes a great gift for Valentine’s Day or anytime during the year.

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  1. This is a perfect gift for any occasion! What a grand idea to save all your precious memory photos! Special moments frozen in time for all to enjoy over and over again! They are easily transferred also from one device to another.
    Sounds like a must have device to me! Thank you for sharing!

  2. I love to take pictures but I find I fill up my phone and then I don’t know what to do, or I have deleted photos I didn’t mean to. This is a great way for me to organize my pictures safely.

  3. This sounds terrific. I like that it keeps track of what you’ve saved and you don’t waste space adding pictures more than once.

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