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Save The Elephants

Save The Elephants T-shirt

I was super surprised at how nice this t-shirt was when I received it to complete this review.  Buy this beautiful shirt and 5% Goes To SaveTheElephants.org to save them!  Save The Elephants T-shirt are made by Precious Elephants.  These are high quality shirts that are 100% cotton and have a double-needle neck, sleeves and hem.  These fit both men and women, they also have kids shirts.

SaveTheElephants.org help conduct vital research on elephant behaviour and ecology and pioneered GPS radio tracking in Africa to provide fresh insight into the life of elephants.  Also they work with wildlife departments, protected area managers and communities to assist their efforts to defend elephants against ivory poachers and traffickers.   They provides information on elephant movements for landscape planners to protect rangeland and creates innovative solutions to prevent elephants from raiding crops.  And they share awareness of importance both locally and internationally through films, publications, a computerised elephant library, a news service, social networks and our website.

Elephants are wonderful and amazing animals.  As you probably know elephants are very important part of the nature ecology and life, but people are still killing them for money.

These Save The Elephants T-shirts will get more people to know about the problem.  They will stop and ask what is your shirt about.  You can refer them to the Precious Elephants website or SaveTheElephants.org.  The more informed people become the more they will see how important the elephants are.

Save The Elephants

This is such a comfortable shirt. It’s a great fit and has beautiful graphics on it. I love that the world is the 2 elephants! It didn’t shrink in the wash or lose its colors! I am so happy with it.
Save The Elephants

It fit Desiree perfectly!  She wore it the first day of school and all her friends loved it.

Save The Elephants

This is a very well made thick t-shirt, not a thin flimsy shirt at all.  I love to see different little nick knacks of elephants, did you know they are supposed to be lucky?  An old boss’ wife told me about it and she collected different things, nothing from actual elephants, carved etc to look like elephants.

Save The Elephants

It is a long shirt so it can easily be tucked in.  This is a truly high quality shirt.

PRECIOUS ELEPHANTS is a special place for people who love elephants or who want to save elephants. They offer unique products designed and produced in USA. This is the best way to give you quality and never seen before products. And 5% of their profits go directly to Save The Elephants (www.savetheelephants.org) organization. So your purchases can save elephants.

Precious Elephants is part of the big brand called Preciousy! Their mission is to make these animals’ life better and less stressful. This is the way which they have chosen to share their elephant passion with the world.  And from today you can be part of this with them.  Their vision is a safer living for elephants without ivory markets.

Save The Elephants

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I received this t-shirt to give my honest opinion!


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