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Saving Money: It’s Not Just Coupons Anymore

Saving Money: It's Not Just Coupons Anymore

Saving Money: It’s Not Just Coupons Anymore

Saving money was about cutting coupons out of the Sunday paper for years, well now to save the most you need a few other things on your cell phone.  Most of them you can still use those Sunday coupons with, so don’t forget those.  Saving money is really important and I want to try to help.

I want to make for sure you still cut out your Sunday coupons and print your coupons from coupons.com and others.  Then you will want to add rebates from some of the apps on your phone.

Let’s start with the cards from the store, these can be loaded from their app or on the computer at home.  I have to admit it is easier to do this on your phone.  A lot of the Sunday coupons will be on the app and sometimes they are even better with higher savings than Sunday coupons, so it is always best to first add these coupons.  Sometimes the coupons are not as good as Sunday’s then you might not want to add them.  Normally I still add them in case they run a good ad and I can use my coupon for 1 and the digital coupon for the next one.

If you shop at Target you are going to want to use their app and show the cashier the coupon that is in your app after you add everything.  This can save you money or get you free gift cards which makes things a great deal.  Get Target’s REDcard and save 5% off everything.  You can apply for their card or attach your bankcard.

Kroger runs a “freebie Friday” so you get something free each week by adding the coupon and pick it up at your next shopping trip.  Sometimes you can save even more with the store coupon that are on store brands or money off a certain dollar of say produce, etc.


Next go to ibotta and get your rebates.  See a post about using ibotta HERE.  I have made almost $80 in 2 month so this is well worth using and super easy.  Some of the rebates you can collect 5 times.

Start with a $10 Bonus just for signing up HERE.

saving money

SavingStar is another app that gives you money back.  It is slower than ibotta but it is extra money.   Pick your coupons and if you are offered always on rebates on things you use add them.  You can see I have Kellogg’s products always on and vodka not on above. While you are scanning your other receipts for ibotta just scan for the other apps and the total really adds up! New rebates are posted at the beginning of each month but I have found new ones other times of the month so always check.  Rebate must be activated before you purchase a product.

Once you are comfortable with ibotta you will use the other apps without issues.

Next is Checkout 51 that adds new coupons Thursday early morning.  This one is a little harder unless you do your grocery shopping on Thursdays.  Most of the coupons have a limited how many people can redeem them, so once they hit that no one else can redeemed after that.  So you need to upload your receipt asap.  There is an easy how to on Checkout 51.

These are the main saving apps I use.  Now there are a couple more while you are scanning you may as well do these also.

With Fetch and Receipt Hog you earn points and use the points for Amazon Gift Card and more.  I downloaded these on Google Play but I am sure there are other places to get this app.  Sign up for Fetch and use referral code EH6EK to get 2,000 points to start with. Receipt Hog has sweepstakes and you can turn your points into paypal cash.  On both of these it takes a long time to earn money but consider it a bonus on top of all your savings.

When shopping at Walmart remember to add your receipt into savings catcher on their site.  Last week I did this and they found $1.68 on 1 item that was on sale for me.  So I add that to a gift card and let it add up for Christmas.  If you think about it all of these together could help for Christmas and it is money you already spent so why not save it up.

Don’t forget to use cash back sites like Coupon Great while shopping online to get rebates almost every time!

Let me know if I missed anything or you have questions.  Have fun saving!

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