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Scentuples Perfume Oils Discovery Set

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Scentuples Perfume Oils Discovery Set

Scentuples Perfume Oils Discovery Set

If you are looking for just the right perfume why not discover and possible make new scents with the Scentuples Perfume Oils Discovery Set. You can use just a little and it will last up to 14 hours. You can also mix these to make you own new scent!

Most of us wear perfume because we enjoy a scent. But have you ever intentionally used a scent to change the way you feel? Get in the mood for that date? Created with women and especially mothers in mind, their concept pairs perfume oils and pheromones with self care to build confidence, uplift mood and help you find your sensuality again, manifesting your best life. They created mirror meditations to be paired with each perfume.

Scentuples, a small lifestyle business that pairs perfume oils with manageable 5 minute daily self care routines to help women, especially new mothers, feel confident, uplifted and sensual again.

There continues to be a stigma around mothers and balancing their needs and aspirations with society’s expectations of them. Their goal with Scentuples is to: * Help mothers find their new identity * Empower women, helping them feel confident, uplifted, get in touch with their sensuality and feminine energy

Open the world of indie perfume and chemosignals (pheromones) to more women * Break the stigma that pheromones are for sexual attraction – most of these olfactory molecules send cues completely unrelated to arousal, such as feeling of calm and relaxed, or uplifted and happy.

Scentuples Perfume Oils Discovery Set are 3x as concentrated as most perfumes in spray form. These perfumes are vegan, cruelty free, and low toxicity (no psrabens, phtalates, stabilizers). They last 14+ hours on skin!




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  1. im a perfume addict so i would love some of these in any form i wish they had them in roll on or do they i might have missed that id love some though

  2. As a perfume and fragrance fiend, this set really appeals to me and sounds like a marvelous way to create something personal.

  3. These sound like amazing perfumes! I love that they are designed to change your mood, this is something that I have never thought about when it comes to the perfume that I wear. I would love to try them!

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