ScoreStix Baseball/Softball Scoreboard


ScoreStix Baseball/Softball Scoreboard

ScoreStix Baseball/Softball Scoreboard

It’s almost spring and the games will start soon.  Want to make it easy for the team and fans to know the score and what inning it is?  ScoreStix is exactly what you need!

The “US” verses “THEM” makes it easy for either side to know the score.  Plus if you are talking to other parents or someone else, you will just need to look and have the latest score.  I hate getting to a game a little late and have no idea who is winning, without asking someone.  Plus they may be wrong or not up-to-date.  With ScoreStix no more asking needed!

It’s easy to stay on top of the game with a convenient and easily portable ScoreStix flip card scoreboard. This scoreboard attaches to any backstop or fence allowing fans to see the score from anywhere they sit. ScoreStix is completely waterproof so no worry if you get showers while playing.  Scores from 0-20 runs,up to 9 innings and shows outs.  Convenient carrying bag included.

You can even personalize them with the team name so everyone knows who “US” is!

I cannot tell you how many times I have been to games the grandkids have and need to get the score.  Also I am always trying to find out where in the game we are, what inning it is.  ScoreStix is the perfect answer for a lot of parents.  This will have the score and inning available for anyone to see.  I get busy talking to someone and lose track and now I won’t have to worry about it.

I really wish they had this when I was younger, my brothers all played baseball, plus almost every other sport, and I would get bored.  If this was up where I could see it, I would have known what inning and how much more I had to wait.  You could also use this in the same way and tell the child when the middle number gets to 9 it is almost over, they really will appreciate just knowing and not bugging you every 5 minutes.

This scoreboard can be used for playing ball in the neighborhood to school games, and if you are on the fence seats at professional games.  This is made well and easy to read from almost any seat in high school games.



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