ScoreStix – Keep Score At All The Games!

ScoreStix – Keep Score At All The Games!

I cannot tell you how many times I have been to games the grandkids have and need to get the score.  Also I am always trying to find out where in the game we are, what inning it is.  ScoreStix is the perfect answer for a lot of parents.  This will have the score and inning available for anyone to see.  I get busy talking to someone and lose track and now I won’t have to worry about it.

ScoreStix was developed to solve a problem or fill a need…keeping score.

The coach and scorekeeper heard the most was “What’s the score?” The coach decided to invent ScoreStix. He also noticed that even though many of the fields they played at had scoreboards, the kids never got to use them.

ScoreStix is now really gaining traction with fans and coaches. The support he gets from people who have bought ScoreStix has been wonderful and that customer satisfaction is a key to their success. Every customer turns into a salesperson for ScoreStix and that only happens when you have a great, well made product that does a great job at what it is designed to do.

The introduction of “US” vs “THEM” is one of the best and most loved features of ScoreStix. Trying to make ScoreStix as easy to use as possible, I always remember the confusion when we played in tournaments or even at our local park, “Are we Home or Away?” The US vs THEM cards eliminates the confusion. No matter where you play, fans will always be able to walk up to the game and know their score.

In 2014 they redesigned ScoreStix for better portability and included “OUT” cards. We included the OUT cards for all those fans that said” It’s great but you need to keep the outs too.” They designed it so if people didn’t want to keep track of the outs, they simply leave the cards off and just keep track of the score and innings.

Throughout the years, ScoreStix has enjoyed a growing success and they are very proud to see their scoreboards at baseball and softball games throughout the country. Whether it is a league softball game at the local park or a championship game in a baseball tournament, ScoreStix Team Scoreboards are becoming relied on and loved by fans and coaches. Order one through their website and they promise to ship it that day or the next at the latest. They pride myself on customer service and love shipping ScoreStix out as fast as we can.

They have other ScoreStixs available for additional sports.

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