Scribble Stuff pens and USA Gold pencils Is Exactly What They Need For School @ScribbleStuff1 @ScribbleStuff1

Scribble Stuff pens and USA Gold pencils Is Exactly What They Need For School

Scribble Stuff pens and USA Gold pencils Is Exactly What They Need For School

It is soon back to school time and the pencils and pens are going to be needed.  Scribble Stuff and USA Gold Pencils should be on the list.  They have new items coming out every year and this year is no exception.

New for 2019, there is a new 25-piece Writing Kit for $13.97, a great value for families. It contains some of the top selling gel and felt pens, offering super-stylish, on trend palettes that make homework more fun and encourage self-expression and doodling through drawing and coloring.

Stand out in style with these Scribble Stuff gel fluorescent pens. Each pack includes 8 smooth writing gel-ink pens, with soft comfort grips and handy clips so you can attach them to your notepad, shirt pocket or more. It’s the perfect combination of pens for work, home and school.

Scribble Stuff Felt Pens make bold statements! The pack comes with a rainbow spectrum of 24 unique vivid colors. The felt pens glide across paper thanks to the protective plastic nib at the base of each of the 0.8mm tips. So you can color, draw, doodle and display your many, many works of art without worry or hesitation. These pens are great for work, home and school.

New in the pencil line, the USA Titanium pencil provides a smooth and elevated writing style to compliment the already popular USA Gold pencil packs.

The USA Gold pencil line is made right here in America! They are manufactured in a factory that has operated in Lewisburg, Tennessee for 57 years. Families can support American jobs when they buy USA Gold pencils for back-to-school this season. Plus, the pencils are teacher-recommended. In an April 2017 third party survey of teachers, over 89% of teachers familiar with USA Gold Pencils would recommend them for use in their classroom.

Gel Pens, Scented, Scribble Stuff, Blister Pack 30 CT Blooming Florals: Scented with rose petals. Citrus Harvest: Scented with lemon zest. Sea Breeze: Scented with coconut. These scented gel pens come in three themed scents: blooming florals with rose petals, citrus harvest with lemon zest and sea breeze with coconut oil. Inspired by the beauty found in the colors of nature, these gel pens are perfect for doodling and designing in vibrant color palettes. Express yourself with scribble stuff! Tip size 0.8 mm. Quality Guaranteed: We guarantee the quality of all our products.

These brands have some of the best-selling pens and pencils in America and are teacher-approved.  Item available at Walmart and others stores nation wide.







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  1. I don’t know why but I get excited about good pens. Maybe they make me remember school year beginnings.

  2. These products sound great. My grandchildren could really use some of these products for school. Thank you so much for sharing

  3. I have 2 daughters that will be going back to school in weeks! They would love these writing utencils, especially the scented, color gel pens! 🙂

  4. While my daughter’s school provides pencils I know they wouldn’t mind me dropping off a pack or two considering how many come home with my daughter and then never go back. USA Gold pencils are truly great pencils.

  5. We use these writing ✍️ and coloring instruments all the time not just in school.
    I can’t believe how fast my grandkids go through erasers ✏️ and pencils. The gel pens 🖊 colors are awesome! I’ve seen coupons for a couple of these items already. Buying school supplies can really be expensive! I will take all the deals I can! Thank you for sharing!

  6. I love Scribble Stuff pens! I have some gel pens of theirs and I always gravitate towards them over all of the others. They have such nice ink and seem to last awhile too. I want to try their markers and pencils next!

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