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Day You Were Born

Day You Were Born

I See Me! On The Day You Were Born

On the Day You Were Born, written and illustrated by Debra Frasier, is considered a modern children’s classic. The lyrical text welcomes your child to the every day miracles of planet Earth – the sun, moon, North Star, wind, rain, tides and the circle of people awaiting each child. With over one million copies in print, this book has been present for the arrival of newborns, birthdays from one to ninety one, as well as school celebrations and church events. This special personalized version was created especially for I See Me! and celebrates your child’s birth.


Gender and ages: Boys and girls ages 0-6
Size: 11″ x 9″
Number of pages: 36 Pages
Awards: Gold Parent’s Choice Award


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On the Day You Were Born is beautifully illustrated with bright colors and full pictures.

Debra Frasier is the author and illustrator of many award-winning picture books including On the Day You Were Born and Miss Alineus, A Vocabulary Disaster.

Debra grew up in a remote house overlooking the Atlantic Ocean where she spent weekends and summers swimming in the ocean and collecting treasures on the beach. Even as a young girl, Debra loved to create all kinds of artworks, often piecing together sculptures from bits of wood she’d found on walks.

Years later, Debra would become a full-time writer and illustrator. Her pictures are collages, and she is still putting bits of things together, just as she did as a young girl. Her books are reflective of her love of the natural world around us. Debra believes in growing our stories from the lift of a cover and weaving them into the events in our lives. She is constantly learning ways to help us gather words, respond creatively, and build community.

Day You Were Born

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