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Selfie Stick, SUMSONIC ROCK Series

This selfie stick is unlike any other.  It is the shortest and most compact.  The phone clamp can be folded over so you can put it in your purse or even your pocket.  Sumsonic measures just 6 inches to 23.6 inches (Mini Version) and 8.7 inches to 35 inches (Standard Version), making it the most portable and smallest selfie stick I have ever seen!

2015-07-23 20.55.19

This has a soft foam handle so it is never slippery and you keep your grip.  It has a twist locking extendable arm that enable you to get pics without sliding from your hand.  The clamp has a soft interior so it will not scratch you phone.  It has a built-in wrist strap so you will not drop it.  It is made of solid aluminum alloy.

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The bluetooth shutter is detachable.  Yes, I said detachable!  You can get great group shots and make for sure you are in them.  It even has a detachable shutter stand to prop up your device.  When done, just slide it back into the handle.  You can activate your phone or iPod Touch camera shutter up to 30 feet away.  No cable, no charging,  it has a replaceable battery that last 3 – 6 months.

2015-07-23 20.56.37

The phone holder is stretchable and collapsible, you can also get different angles by it rotating up to 270 degrees.  It is really light so easy to carry.


Regardless of the size/shape of your phone, it will be able to fit in the extendable phone bracket, from the smallest nokia 3310 (5.5cm) to the largest Galaxy note 3 (8.1cm) The phone soft bracket on the selfie stick will clamp securely onto your phone without leaving any scratches.


This is really easy to use and pairing is a breeze.  This has the biggest button for a selfie stick I have ever seen. The detachable stand makes it easy to get even better shots. It seems like it extends longer than any other I have had, all the way out to 39″. It is great that they include an extra battery. It keeps my phone securely without thinking it will fall out. It is nice that you can use your zoom with the app. This seems to be well built and will last us a long time.


It has an 18-months warranty & 60 days money back guarantee plus Free Lifetime Technical Support.

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